Laundry & Garment Industry Boiler

Laundry & Garment Industry Boiler

The main function of the boiler in Laundry, garment factory is to provide steam, which can be used to dry or iron clothes, the boiler also can be used to produce hot water, which can be used for heating.

You can choose different tonnage of the boiler according to your steam demand, if the need of steam is 10 tons per hour, you can choose 10 tons steam boiler. If the boiler is used for heating, you can select a appropriate boiler according to the heating area, take ZBG Boiler as an example, the heating area of 1 ton boiler is is about 4,000 to 6,000 square meters, so you can roughly estimate what boiler capacity you need.


Which type of boilers apply to this industry?

Laundry & Garment Industry Boiler Projects