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PART 1   Gas & oil fired boiler types

How many types of gas & oil fired boilers you can choose
Gas & oil fired boilers are boilers that use gas or oil as their main fuel source. Many businesses prefer to use a gas-powered boiler because as a fuel source it’s cost-efficient. Depending on the gas & oil boiler technology you require, we have a number of options to suit every application. From boilers with a small output range to large capacity units that provide saturated steam or superheated steam.
Gas & Oil Fired Boiler

WNS Gas & Oil Fired Boiler

Type: WNS
Capacity: 1 ton ~ 20 ton
Steam pressure: 1.25-1.6 MPa
Steam temperature: 170 ~ 220 ℃
Design thermal efficiency: ≥95%
Updated condensing flue gas heat recovery
Improved boiler thermal efficiency
Multiple-protection, low failures rate
Renowned international burner brands
Packaged structure, easy for transportation and installation

SZS D type boiler

Type: SZS
Capacity: 10 t/h~65 t/h
Pressure: 1.25~3.82MPa
Seam temperature: 184 ~ 450 ℃
Design thermal efficiency: 92-95%
D type structure, high automation degree
Three-pass wet-back type, fully firing
Long-term reliability
Fast load response
Low operating and maintenance costs
Controlled emissions

ZWNS Gas & Oil fired Boiler

Type: ZWNS
Capacity: 0.35-14 t/h
Pressure: -0.02MPa
Feed water Temperature: 60 ℃
Thermal efficiency: ≥92%
Feature: One unit for Multi-usage
Negative pressure operation, absolute safe
1.5 to 2 times service span than common hot water boiler
PLC control system, automatic operation

ZBG Gas power plant boiler

Type: ZBG
Capacity: 20 ~ 75 t/h
Pressure: 2.5MPa ~ 10.5MPa
Temperature: up to 450℃
Thermal efficiency: 90-92%
Wide capacity range
High pressure high temperature
Robust quality and long service life
Energy saving and environmental protection

PART 2 Gas & Oil Fired Boiler Application

Many Industries need gas & oil fired boiler
Gas & Oil fired boiler can be used in Food and beverage, Textile, Chemical, Hospitals, Universities, Manufacturing and processing facilities, Utilities, Petrochemical, Pulp and paper, Building material, Garment industry, Bath center, Heating, etc. According to different usage ...
Gas & Oil Fired Boiler applcaition
1. Process Steam(Industrial Process)
Regardless of your industrial steam need, reliability is key – down time means loss in production and related revenues. Solutions can vary greatly, depending on the type of application – pulp and paper plants, healthcare facilities, institutions, food processing plants, and a wide variety of manufacturing plants all have unique requirements.
Whether you choose a Firetube or Watertube, large or small capacity, you’ll still get the unprecedented ZBG quality you demand. Consider selecting multiple boilers as several options may fit your needs.
WNS Packaged Steam Boiler
* Germany technology, Equipped with imported burners
* High efficiency environmental friendly boiler
* Larger combustion chamber design
* Low cost, small floor area, and Easy to transport and install

SZS Water Tube Boiler
* High efficient, low emission, more secure and cost-effective
* Higher automatic degree, in some countries it can be unattended operation, reducing labor cost
* Low-heat value fuel, like biogas, blast furnace gas is available
2. Building Heat
ZBG the technological pace for the heating industry. The complete range of ZBG offers for all applications and all individual solutions with energy efficient systems. As an environmental pioneer, the company has been delivering for decades the most efficient and clean heating systems for oil and gas, and biomass systems.
WNS Fire Tube Gas & Oil Fired Boiler
* 0.7MW ~ 14MW for small-scale heating and hot water supply,like hospital, school, greenhouse
* Three-pass wet-back design
* Advanced industrial boiler control system
* Multi-protection device to make sure its safe running
SZS Water Tube Hot Water Boiler
* 7MW ~ 58MW for larger-scale central heating and hot water supply, like community, university, building heating, industry hot water process etc
* D-type boiler, compact in structure,more safe and reliable
* Full automatic operation, saving labor costs
ZWNS Vacuum Hot Water Boiler
* 0.35 ~ 14MW capacity range suitable for bath center, hotel, swimming pool
* ≤ 0.02 ~ 0.08MPa, higher safety, no risk of explosion
* Full automatic operation, Don’t need of professional staff and annual inspection
* Low investment cost, high economic benefit
3. Power & Utilities
ZBG can design, manufacture and maintain reliable, utility-scale boilers burning an extensive range of gas & oil fuels for power generation applications. Our extensive combustion technology allows you to burn these fuels as cleanly as possible, improving efficiency and reducing all emissions.
ZBG Gas Power Plant Boiler
* Suitable for coking plant, steel mill captive power plant
* Burning by-product coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and natural gas
* Solving plant flue gas emission, turn waste to energy
* Saving fuel and power cost

PART 3   Gas & Oil fired boiler Project

17.5MW Gas Fired Boiler for Heating
Company: Oilfield
Equipment: SZS17.5-1.0/95/70-Q gas fired hot water boiler
Advantage: one of the most efficient boiler designs available on the market today.
Feedback: This ‘D’ Type package steam boiler is designed and equipped for safe, fully automatic operation without the need of a skilled operator.
3 Ton Steam Boiler Exported to Indonesia
Company: Seafood Company in Indonesia
Equipment: WNS3-1.0-Q
Advantage: Long lasting heat exchanger life, high performance, low maintenance
Feedback: We urgently needed the product at that time, during the period, Andy Kong carefully and patiently replied all the questions.Now the boiler is putting into production, I am very satisfied.
8 ton Vacuum Hot Water Boiler for Heating
Company: Heating Company
Equipment: 2 sets of ZWNS5.6-85/60-Q
Advantage: High safety performance, thermal efficiency up to 92%, 20 years service life
Feedback: The vacuum boiler just meets our demand for high safety and long service life.

PART 4   Why choose ZBG Boiler as manufacturer

1. Specialized in boiler manufacturing for 72 years
Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. has been dedicated in boiler designing and manufacturing for 72 years. With world advanced production and testing equipment, our boiler products have achieved world-level. Main products include CFB boiler, chain grate boiler, biomass fired boiler and gas oil boiler.
2. Industry-leading technology strength
Adhering to technology innovation as the driving force and independent intellectual property rights as the core, ZBG Boiler has built professional R & D team, introducing international advanced technology from America, Germany and other countries, establishing long-term cooperation with Chinese Academy
Gas & Oil fired boiler Certificate

PART 5   Gas & Oil fired boiler Service

Pre-sale service
Boiler Service image
Through professional consultation, exquisite technical support and rigorous work attitude, to provide clients with the comprehensive feasible high quality and standard solution in order to constantly meet your needs, and finally achieve satisfactory results.

Various ways to contact us: E-mail, Tel, Skype, Online Chat;
Contact clients within 12 hours;
Provide help in boiler type selecting;
Custom-made products to meet each client’s special requirement;
Welcome clients to visit our company and workshops.
Installation & Parts
On-site installation guide and training are provided by experienced engineers;
Rich experience engineer can guide boiler installation, and also can help you solve problems after sale.
Adequate consumable parts are freely provided;

The supply of spare parts is also part of a professional approach of preventive maintenance which is very important: it ensures reliability and sustainability of our customers' installations.
After-sale service
Gas & Oil Fired Boiler Shipping
12 months after installation quality warranty;
Arrange staff to reply to your problem within 24 hours.
Regular return visit, know of clients situation, provide support.
After service of gas & oil fired boiler

PART 6   Contact us now

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