Name: biomass fired boiler/solid fuel boiler
Capacity: 2-400 ton/hr
Max Pressure: 9.81MPa/98.1bar
Types: steam boiler, hot water boiler, power plant boiler
Fuel: solid fuel, biomass fuel, biomass co-firing with coal
Application: industry steam, heating, cogeneration/CHP
Mainly used in: Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa

Among the world’s energy consumption so far, the consumption of biomass energy has occupied 14% of the total energy consumption in the world with the ranking 4th. Nowadays, biomass fired boiler is rapidly holding the global market. ZBG, the leading boiler manufacturer and supplier, provides types of biomass boilers to meet your industry demand.

Figure 1: Biomass resources

Rice husk, bagasse, staw, cotton stalks,wood chips, etc

Fuel Types Industrial Component Analysis﹪ Element Composition ﹪ QDW
Moisture Ash Content Volatile Phenols Solid Carbon H C S N P Ko2
Corn Stalks 6.10 4.70 76.00 13.20 6.00 49.30 0.11 0.70 2.60 13.80 17746
Corn Chips 4.87 5.93 71.95 17.25 6.00 47.20 0.01 0.48 17730
Wheat Straw 4.39 8.90 67.36 19.32 6.20 49.60 0.07 0.61 0.33 20.40 18532
Straw 3.61 12.20 67.80 16.39 5.30 48.30 0.09 0.81 0.15 9.93 17636
Rice Husk 5.62 17.82 62.61 13.95 6.20 49.40 0.40 0.30 0.60-1.60 16017
Grass 5.43 9.4 68.72 16.40 5.24 41.00 0.22 1.59 1.68 13.60 16204
Bean-poles 5.10 3.13 74.56 17.12 5.81 44.79 0.11 5.85 2.86 16.33 16157
Peanut Shell 7.88 1.60 68.10 22.42 6.70 54.90 0.10 1.37 2117
Sorghum Stalk 4.71 8.91 68.90 17.48 6.09 48.63 0.01 0.36 1.12 13.60 15066
Cotton Stalk 6.78 3.97 68.54 20.71 5.70 49.80 0.22 0.69 -2.10 24.70 18089

Many customers concern about the fuel consumption, while it might be affected by the capacity, heat value, pressure, temperature, etc. If you wanna know more details, contact us and our experts will help to calculate for you! >>

Recommend Biomass Fired boilers

Packaged Water-Fire Tube Biomass Boiler

> Multi-fuel capability
> Compact structure, less floor space
> Quick and easy shipping & installation
> Highly efficient and reliable operation
> Cost-effective

package biomass boiler

Bi-drum Water Tube Biomass Boiler

Traveling grate assembled boiler
> Compact and convenient installation
> Membrane water cooling wall structure
> Clean and uninterrupted operation
> Automatic monitoring and control

DHL Biomass Corner Tube Boiler

> Large capacity, layer combustion
> High efficiency, low emission
> Patent technology:
   Flying dust internal cycling fluidized re-combustion
   Flag type convection heating surface
> Cross-girder grate, low breakdown rate
> Light furnace wall structure, good insulation

Biomass Fired CFB Boiler

> Fuel recycling burning, combustion efficiency 97% > 99%
> Flexibility in specifying a variety of fuels, ideal for firing with coal, biomass, or a combination of both
> Low SOx, NOx emission, original emission concentration<150 mg/m³
> Less wear and abrasion, low maintenance cost
> Long operating time: more than 8000 hours/year

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8 ton rice husk boiler in Burma

8 ton rice husk boiler in Burma

In 2016, Burma client ordered a packaged biomass boiler from our company, which is designed to generate steam in its paper-boxes producing. The rice husk as the raw materials in the paper making, is also used as the boiler fuel, reducing the company’s fuel cost.

6 ton biomass steam boiler in Indonesia

6 ton biomass steam boiler in Indonesia

In 2014, a medicinal herbs company of Indonesia purchased the 6 ton SZL water tube biomass boiler from ZBG. The company mainly produces traditional health drinks, supplements, medicine, food and beverages, which requiring high quality steam. To meet the company’s specific requirement and processes, our expert designed a tailored biomass boiler for it.


Columbia 30 ton biomass corner tube boiler

Columbia palm oil plant purchased the 30 ton biomass boiler for oil refining, burning 71% palm kernel fiber and 29% palm kernel shell. In May 2016, the biomass boiler body and auxiliaries were shipping to Columbia, then our engineers were dispatched there for guiding the boiler installation, commission and operation training.

Korea 30 Ton Biomass Corner Tube Boiler

Korea 30 Ton Biomass Corner Tube Boiler

DONGWOO ALT CO., LTD. is located in Korea and expert in manufacturing synthetic leather. After in-depth investigation and communications, they determined to buy this 30 t/h steam boiler from our company for power supplying in their factory to meet the need of production and signed a contract on October 19th, 2015. Now the biomass corner tube boiler is installing.

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