Complete production line configuration list

Main equipment name Unit Quantity

DZL4-1.6 Bolier

Set 1

Ф2.0×31m Autoclave

s 2

Jaw crusher

Set 1

Ф1.5×5.7m Ball mill

Set 1

Pouring blender

Set 1

100m 3Material storage tank

Set 3

Pouring truck

Set 1

6×1.2mMold truck

Set 30

Side plate

Piece 170

6m Cutting unit

Set 1

Peeling overturning platform

Set 1

Twin beam overhead crane

Set 4

Autoclaved trolley

Set 40


Set 12

Raw material requirements

Compared with traditional building materials, aerated brick has obvious advantages, such as light weight, high thermal insulation performance, sound absorption effect, strong strength and processability. In addition due raw materials can adopt fly ash, slag and other industrial wastes, known as the "new energy-saving wall materials".
The average weight of the aerated bricks is 500-700 kg / m 3, which is equivalent to 1 / 4-1 / 3 of clay tiles and lime bricks. 1/5 of ordinary concrete, is a lighter, High-rise building filled wall and low-rise building bearing walls.
The selection and quantity of AAC block plant are determined according to the technological design plan, The equipment technology is different due to the different production process of AAC block. These technical characteristics are embodied in the cutting unit, involving the form of casting, mold, trolley structure, billet delivery, stripping, cutting, the way into the kettle and other equipment.