How To Select Boiler Capacity


What is boiler capacity ?

Boiler capacity can express as Steam Evaporation Rate or Energy Transfer Rate of Boiler.

Factors depends on the evaporation rate

1. Operating Pressure.
2. Operating Temperature.
3. Feed water temperature.
4. Dryness fraction. (dryness fraction = mass of steam / mass of Steam & water)
5. Energy Input ratio. (This would be constant because furnace design for specific combustion ratio)
6. Surface area of the water plane of boiler. (this would be constant because it is design factor but level can change due to )

What factors to be considered when selecting boiler capacity

First step is calculate the Average Energy requirement for the Plant. Peak Energy consumption rate also very important when selecting new Boiler for the Plant. Energy consumption rate can shown by kJ/hr or k cal/hr. After define the energy consumption rate; need to know the maximum temperature requirement of the plant. Because operating pressure will change according to the temperature requirement.
ZBG has many types of boiler, more than 200 models, the capacity of products range 1 -400 tons, so if you don't know how to select the boiler capacity, please contact us and our engineers will help you.


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