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The data shows that ZBG's products are mainly used in industry process steam, power plant, central heating.
Draw on experience from hundreds of thousands of customer cases and introduce new technology, ZBG constantly improves our boiler system to better meet clients' demands.

Steam boiler application

Steam boiler Fuel Types
key considerations

When people purchase a new steam boiler, boiler efficiency and steam quality are the key considerations (except the investment cost).
For over 70 years, ZBG is devoted to designing and manufacturing high efficiency boilers to global clients. Our skilled experts are always ready to create a solution together with you that is perfectly tailored to your specific requirements and processes. Get a tailored solution Now >>


Boiler efficiency measures how much combustion energy is converted into steam energy. The percentage of total heat exported by outlet steam in the total heat supplied by the fuel is called steam boiler efficiency.

steam boiler efficiency

A typical efficiency of steam boiler is 80% to 88%. While some of our steam boiler efficiency can even reach 98%. Find the high efficiency steam boiler >>


Steam quaity measures how much liquid water is present in the steam produced. And steam can be produced in a range of different grades, each matching different industries and applications. Ensuring the correct grade of steam is important for many industry processes. Contact us now to find the most suitable boiler for your industry!

1.Pure steam 2.Clear steam 3.Filtered steam(culinary steam). 4.Plant steam
Hot Selling Steam Boiler
  • Gas and Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Biomass Fired Steam Boiler
  • Coal Fired Steam
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed Steam Boiler
  • Waste Heat Recovery Steam Boiler

Design fuel: Natural gas, Coke oven gas, city gas, diesel oil, light oil, dual fuel
Capacity: 1 ton/hr to 35 ton/hr
Operating Pressure: ≤3.82MPa
Max Temperature: 450℃
Design Efficiency: up to 98%
Advantages: Gas and oil are the most common packaged boiler fuel, readily available, burns cleanly and high efficiency. Some boilers are designed to burn more than one fuel (typically natural gas and fuel oil). Dual fuel boilers provide the operator with fuel redundancy in the event of a fuel supply interruption.

Design fuel: biomass, wood pellet, rice husk, straw, bagasse, co-firing with coal
Capacity: 2 ton/hr to 75 ton/hr
Operating Pressure: up to 5.29MPa
Max Temperature: 485℃
Design Efficiency: up to 92%
Advantages: Biomass energy is carbon neutral, high combustion efficiency and low emission, and it is regarded as the ideal alternative to coal fuel. What’s more, biomass source is fairly rich in many countries, like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Columbia, etc. The governments encourage industries and power plant to use biomass fired boilers. Industries, such as rice mill, sugar plant, palm oil plant, etc.

Design fuel: bituminous coal, anthracite coal, lignite coal, co-firing with biomass
Capacity: 2 ton/hr to 75 ton/hr
Operating Pressure: up to 5.29MPa
Max Temperature: 485℃
Design Efficiency: up to 83%
Advantages:coal fuel has been used as the boiler fuel for many years, for it’s cheap, ubiquitous, flexible, most plentiful fuel in the fossil family. Coal steam boilers are almost used in every industry processing.

Design fuel: coal, biomass, co-firing of coal and biomass
Capacity: 6 ton/hr to 400 ton/hr
Operating Pressure: up to 9.81MPa
Max Temperature: 540℃
Design Efficiency: up to 91.98%
Advantages: Circulating fluidized bed combustion technology is generally used in the coal based power plant. Wide fuel flexibility, it can burn low-grade coal fuel like chain slag, coal gangue; Higher thermal efficiency; Long operating span, almost 360 days per year; Low emission, desulfuration is up to 80%-90% and emission of SO2 and NOx is reduced by 80%-90%.

Design fuel: industry waste heat
Capacity: 3 ton/hr to 120 ton/hr
Operating Pressure: up to 9.81MPa
Max Temperature: 450℃
Design Efficiency: up to 81%
Advantages: The flue gas of cement plant, paper plant, glass furnace, steel industry and chemicals contains high temperature heat that can be used as fuel in power plant boiler. The waste heat power plant boiler is a typical equipment of turning waste to treasure. It saves fuel cost, and reduces environment pollution.

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