Chemical Industry Waste Heat Boiler

Type: Steam Boiler Capacity/Hot Power: 50 - 120t/h Pressure: ≤2.5MPa Fuel: flue gas waste heat Application: Supply Steam/Electricity in Chemical Industry


Brief Introduction:

Chemical three wastes mix combustion waste heat boiler is an ideal equipment of high efficiency and energy saving used in fertilizer and chemical (especially methanol, ethanol, methanal, synthesis ammonia ). According to the flue gas waste heat feature, ZBG develops new type vertical and traditional tunnel type horizontal waste heat boiler.

diagram of chemical industry waste heat boiler


  • The heating surface of the waste heat boiler employs suspension structure, which is good for absorbing boiler expansion and high operation safety.
  • The waste heat boiler adopts special sealing device, to lower boiler air leakage and improve boiler efficiency.
  • All boiler heat surfaces use reasonable flue gas speed design, avoiding ash deposition.
  • It adopts straight type layout, utilizing ash dead-weight to self-remove, keeping heat surface clean and improving boiler heat transfer efficiency.
  • Reasonable arrange flue dynamic field, smooth flue gas flow, to avoid bias current.
  • It employs special wear structure, preventing boiler abrasion and improving boiler’s service life.
  • Boiler convection bank adopts assembled structure, short installation period and low cost.


Chemical Industry Waste Heat Boiler Unit Converters
Model Capacity Pressure
Steam Temperature
Feed water Temperature
Fuel Factory mode
t/h BHP
QC110/625-22-3.82/450 22 1685 38.2 450 70 Three Castoff Mix
Burning and Blown
Gas Waste
field assembly
Q80/900-25-3.82/450 25 1915 38.2 450 104 field assembly
Q83/900-30-3.82/450 30 2298 38.2 450 104 field assembly
Q90/900-30-1.25/300 30 2298 12.5 300 60 field assembly
Q110/860-35-3.82/450 35 2681 38.2 450 104 field assembly
QC130/860-45-3.82/450 45 3447 38.2 450 104 field assembly
Q161/866-50-3.82/450 50 3830 38.2 450 85 field assembly
Q150/950-55-3.82/450 55 4213 38.2 450 104 field assembly
QC220/950-60-5.29/450 60 4596 52.9 450 104 field assembly
QC145/1025-65-3.82/450 65 4979 38.2 450 104 field assembly
Q225/900-75-5.3/450 75 5745 53 450 104 field assembly
QC200/950-80-5.29/485 80 6152 52.9 485 95 field assembly
QC205/955-85-3.82/450 85 6511 38.2 450 104 field assembly
QC215/950-90-5.29/485 90 6894 52.9 485 104 field assembly
QC300/900-120-5.29/485 120 9192 52.9 485 104 field assembly


75 Tons Chemical Three Castoff Waste Heat Boiler

Type: Capacity/Hot Power: Pressure: Application: Project site: view all content
  • 75 Tons Chemical Three Castoff Waste Heat Boiler Type: Capacity/Hot Power: Pressure: Application: Project site:
  • 25Y08 Waste Heat Boiler Used in Chemical Company Type:Waste heat recovery boiler Capacity/Hot Power:25T Pressure:3.82MPa Application:Chemical industry Project site:China/Asia
  • 50 Ton Waste Heat Boiler for Power Plant in Vietnam Type:Carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler Capacity/Hot Power:50 ton/hr Pressure:3.82MPa Application:Power generation Project site:Asia/Vietnam
  • QC20.4/1130-7-1.6 Hazardous Waste Incineration Waste Heat Boiler Type:waste heat boiler Capacity/Hot Power:7 ton Pressure: Application:hazardous waste incineration Project site:China / Asia
  • 20 Ton Waste Heat Boiler In Vietnam Power Plant Type:Waste Heat Boiler Capacity/Hot Power:20 Ton Pressure: Application:Power Plant Project site:Vietnam / Asia

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