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Horizontal type steam boiler for sale

2019-07-31 17:39:53

   Horizontal type steam boilers refer to horizontally designed steam boilers, which are classified into horizontal electric steam boilers, horizontal oil fired steam boilers, horizontal gas steam boilers, horizontal biomass steam boiler and horizontal coal-fired steam boilers according to fuel. Horizontal steam boilers are very energy efficient due to their long flue gas flow, slow smoke evacuation and high thermal efficiency.

  ZBG horizontal type steam boiler

Horizontal type steam boiler for sale

  WNS series horizontal fire tube boiler

  WNS series oil and gas boiler is a fire tube, internally fired, horizontal boiler. It is where working pressure and power required are moderate. The boiler has large water capacity, high thermal efficiency, fast steam production, sufficient steam and long service life. It is equipped with high-quality brand-name burners and supercharged feed pumps. It has sufficient combustion, timely water supply and low noise.

  SZS series oil gas water tube boiler

  SZS series oil and gas steam boiler is a water tube boiler. This boiler can generate steam at a pressure varying from 1 MPa to 2.5 MPa. It can generate steam at the rate from 4000 Kg/hr to 40,000 Kg/hr. Steam and water drum is a long drum fabricated using small shells riveted together. End cover plates can be opened as and when required. Drum is followed by water tubes which are arranged below the drum, and connected to one another and drum through headers.

  DZL series horizontal chain grate boiler

  DZL series horizontal chain grate boiler is combined fire-tube type and water-tube type. The initial cost of the boiler is relatively low, and installing it is not too difficult. The boiler can meet different fuel requirements—coal, wood, rice husk, palm shell, biomass pellets.

  SZL series horizontal biomass/coal fired boiler

  In the SZL series horizontal biomass/coal steam boiler, feed water enters and passes down through the down-comers (pipes) into the rear sectional headers from which the tubes are supplied. The water is heated and some of it changes into steam as it flows through the tubes to the front headers. The steam-water mixture returns to the steam drum through the circulating tubes and is discharged in front of the steam-drum baffle that helps to separate the water and steam.

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Pressure: ≤3.82MPa
DZL Packaged Biomass Steam Boiler
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Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
WNS Oil & Gas Fire Tube Boiler
WNS Oil & Gas Fire Tube Boiler 1-20Ton/1.4-14MW
Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
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