Vulcanizing Tank

Internal Diameter: Customized Operating Temperature: 145-194℃ Working Pressure: 0.45-1.3MPa (4.5 - 13bar) Working Medium: Saturation Steam/Condensate Water Effective Length: Customized


Brief Introduction:

ZBG Vulcanizing tank is a kind of energy-saving and efficient curing equipment on the basis of domestic and foreign vulcanizing tank, products in strict accordance with the "capacity regulation" and GB150-98, GB151-98 national standard manufacturing acceptance, complete warranty information and technical documents. At the same time, the use of temperature, pressure, curing time automatic control system, which makes operation achieve the best operating results.


Widely used in the vulcanization of tires, rubber sleeve and cables, rubber shoes, rubber hose, rubber roller, rubber tape and other rubber products, renewable rubber desulfurization, styrene butadiene rubber thermoplastic; bamboo carbonized skim, heat setting, angle and bone high pressure modification, degreasing, all kinds of feather hydrolysis, aluminum oxide treatment. Also used for carbon materials, asbestos friction materials, gypsum and its products and other materials autoclaved, stewing, dipping, drying.


  • Energy saving
    Adopting temperature, pressure, time automatic control, which saves 20% more than the same specifications vulcanization tank of other manufacturers.
  • High security
    a. Load distribution, stress distribution of components adopt the finite element analysis method that used to perform the experiment on the computer, improved the strength calculation, effectively guarantee the vulcanizing tank can be safe and reliable operation.
    b. Internal temperature of vulcanization tank rise fast, uniform temperature, constant pressure. Setting the working procedures, the control system will automatically heat up, keep warming, vulcanizing and other work, After vulcanizing, the system sends out sound and light alarm prompt.
  • Advanced processing technology, high quality product
    a. Tank forging welding adopts 100% annealing processing technology, so that the weld docking has been effective treatment, so as to effectively ensure the use of the product quality and operating life.
    b. Through the high temperature and pressure integrated fan in the tank back and forth, the heat from the front and back evenly spread. High temperature air circulates back and forth in the tank through a special air duct plate to ensure that the tank temperature uniformity, the production of product quality and stability.


Vulcanizing Tank

This equipment is a non-standard pressure vessel category, equipment diameter, heating mode, working medium, working pressure, working temperature, size and other parameters can be customized according to customer demand for design and manufacturing.

Diameter X  Effective Length
Effective  Length (m) Working  Pressure (Mpa) Working  Temperature (°C) The Way to Heat
Φ X L 0.8 1;1.5;3;5;11;22;25 0.45 0.6 0.8 1.3   145 160 175 194 1. Direct heating
2. Electric steam
3. Electric heating
Φ X L 1.0 1.5;2;3;5;11;22;25
Φ X L 1.2 1.5;2;3;5;10;21;25
Φ X L 1.5 2;3;4;5;7;10;12;15
Φ X L 1.7 3;4;6;8;10;12;15
Φ X L 1.8 3;4;6;8;10;12;15
Φ X L 2.0 3;4;5;6;10;13;15
Φ X L 2.2 4;5;6;10;13;15
Φ X L 2.4 4;5;6;10;13;15
Φ X L 2.5 4;5;6;8;10;13;15
Φ X L 2.6 5;6;8;10;13;15
Φ X L 2.8 6;8;10;13;15
Φ X L 3.0 6;8;10;13;15
Φ X L 1.5 3;4 0.45 0.6 0.8 145 160 175 4. Indirect heating
Φ X L 1.7 4;5.1;5.25
Φ X L 2.0 6
Φ X L 2.6 6



Vulcanization Tank Exported to Chile

Type:FGZCY1.0-2.5--7 Capacity/Hot Power: Pressure: Application:Rubber vulcanization process Project site:Chile view all content
  • Vulcanization Tank Exported to Chile Type:FGZCY1.0-2.5--7 Capacity/Hot Power: Pressure: Application:Rubber vulcanization process Project site:Chile
  • Vulcanization Tank Project in Ukraine Type:FJZCS1.25--28 Capacity/Hot Power: Pressure: Application:Rubber vulcanization process Project site:Ukraine
  • 7 Sets of Top-opening Autoclave Project Type:FGZSS1.5-2.68X38 Capacity/Hot Power:300,000 m3 Pressure: Application:AAC block Project site:China
  • New Building Material Production Line Autoclaves Project Type:FGZSS1.3-2.68X38 Capacity/Hot Power:100,000 m3 Pressure: Application:AAC block Project site:China
  • Autoclaves for AAC Block in China Type:Industrial autoclave Capacity/Hot Power:6 sets Pressure:1.5MPa Application:AAC block production line Project site:China

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