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Why Biomass Boilers are better than Oil Fired Boilers

2021-07-07 15:10:12

Biomass boilers are better than oil fired boilers, the reasons are as follows:

1. Biomass fuel is renewable while oil is nonrenewable.

Biomass fuel, like trees, grasses, algae and other organic materials can be regrown on a continuous basis. As they grow, they “breathe” carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. By removing CO2 from the atmosphere those plants and trees help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

On the other hand, it took millions of years to convert plant and animal remains to sources that yield petroleum products. Once those non-renewable resources are gone, they’re gone forever. Biomass fuels using wood can be regrown without huge capital outlays and are positioned to replace fossil fuels in the years ahead.


2. Biomass fuel is near-carbon neutral while oil is not.

Trees and plants consume carbon dioxide throughout their entire life cycle. Through photosynthesis, the carbon dioxide is combined with water and energy from the sun to produce glucose, which gives the plant the energy it needs to grow. When the trees and plants are burned in a biomass boiler, the process releases CO back into the atmosphere. Thus, the carbon removed from the atmosphere during the life cycle of the tree or plant is simply being returned into the environment so it can be used again by a new generation of plants and trees.

3. Biomass fuel can save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Biomass fuel is readily available.

Much like wind and energy from the sun, biomass is readily available almost everywhere in the world, but especially in the countries where forests cover most of the landscape. The availability of biomass—whether from wood, plants or algae—means biomass will never face the challenges encountered in the quest to recover fossil fuels from deep within the earth. For instance, there’s no need to explore for biomass as there is for fossil fuels. There’s no need for expensive drilling, processing and refining. Heating with biomass fuels is a far simpler and more economical process.

5. Most importantly, Biomass fuel is cheaper than oil.

Unlike oil, producing biomass fuel requires little upfront capital outlay. There’s no drilling equipment, no high-pressure hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling a mile or more into the earth. There’s no need to build ocean-based drilling platforms, nor to staff them, to operate them, and to maintain them. Likewise, there’s no need to construct thousands of miles of pipelines, and to maintain those over many decades.

All of this means that customers paying for energy to heat their businesses, their schools and universities are no longer footing the bill for the extraordinary costs of exploration, transport, processing and refining of fossil fuels.


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