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Reasons for Large Gas Consumption of Gas Fired Boilers

2021-07-24 14:49:40

There are two main reasons for the large gas consumption of gas-fired boilers: one is the increase in boiler load; the other is the decrease in boiler thermal efficiency. The details are as follows:

1. The influence of load factors. Mainly on the premise that there is no measuring instrument, we measure the heat output according to the conventional knowledge. When the user is unstable, the heat consumption increases, so the boiler load increases. Since the boiler output has no metering instrument, it will mistakenly believe that the gas consumption is increasing.

2. Thermal efficiency drops. There are many factors for the decrease of thermal efficiency. List the frequently encountered points, and check against them.

(1) Boiler fouling caused by water quality causes the heat transfer efficiency of the heating surface to decrease. The thermal resistance of scale is 40 times that of steel, so 1mm scale will increase fuel consumption by 15%. You can open the drum to directly check the scale condition, and you can also detect the exhaust gas temperature to determine whether it is scaling. If the exhaust gas temperature is higher than the temperature given in the drawing, it can basically be determined that it is caused by scaling.


(2) Fouling on the outer surface of the heating surface will also increase fuel consumption? This is mainly because low temperature easily causes fouling and scale on the outer surface of the heated surface. Can enter the furnace for inspection, and it can also be determined by detecting the exhaust gas temperature.

(3) The boiler has serious air leakage. Excessive cold air enters the furnace, and the flue gas oxygen content increases. If there is a flue gas oxygen content detector, the flue gas oxygen content exceeds 8%, there will be excess air, and there will be heat loss. The air leakage can be determined by detecting the oxygen content of the flue gas.

(4) The quality of the gas is degraded and the concentration is reduced.

(5) The automatic adjustment of the burner fails. The combustion of the combustor is mainly adjusted by the automatically adjusted "air-fuel ratio". Because the sensor or computer program is unstable, although the combustion is normal, it will cause "chemical incomplete combustion heat loss". Take a look at the burning flame. Red fire means bad burning, and blue fire means good burning.

The above are the reasons for the large gas consumption of gas boilers. Want to know more details about gas boilers? Welcome to consult online customer service, or directly call +86 177 1999 3430, ZBG Boiler Group will serve you wholeheartedly!

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