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Precautions for Ignition of Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

2021-07-25 10:24:17

It is specially reminded that the temperature should not rise too fast when the fire is raised, so as to avoid uneven heating of various parts, resulting in excessive stress and affecting the service life of the biomass chain grate boiler!

1. The boiler should undergo a comprehensive inspection (including related accessories and pipes) before starting the fire, and then carry out water supply work. Before water enters, the drain valve must be closed, and the bleed valve of the upper drum must be opened so that the air in the boiler can be discharged.

2. The treated water is slowly injected into the boiler through the economizer, and the inlet water temperature is generally not higher than 40°C.

3. When the fire is rising, open the ignition door, place firewood and other ignitors at the front of the grate (iron nails are strictly prohibited) to ignite, and open the large induced draft fan flue gas regulating door to increase natural ventilation. After the ignitor is burned, adjust The small flue gas regulating door, open the induced draft fan intermittently, when the pilot fuel is burning vigorously, start to manually add the material, then the blower can be turned on. When the material bed burns vigorously, you can close the ignition door, add material to the hopper, open the grate intermittently, and strengthen the observation of the fire at the left fire setting hole, and properly perform the fire setting. After the front arch is hot and the material can continue to ignite Adjust the blast air volume, the negative pressure of the furnace is maintained at 20-30Pa, so that the combustion gradually becomes normal.


4. It is not advisable to increase the temperature too fast when the fire is raised to avoid excessive thermal stress caused by different parts of the heat, which will affect the life of the boiler. The time for the first fire to rise from the cold furnace to the water temperature rise to the working temperature is 10~12 hours. It is advisable that, unless there are special circumstances, the cooling furnace should not be less than 5 hours, and the heating furnace should be no less than 1 hour.

5. When the pressure rises to 0.2~0.3MPa, check whether the manhole and hand hole cover are leaking. If there is leakage, tighten the manhole and hand whole cover bolts, and check whether the drain valve is tight and leak-free.

6. When the pressure and temperature in the boiler gradually increase, attention should be paid to whether each part of the boiler has special noise. If there is any special noise, it should be checked immediately. If necessary, the boiler should be shut down for inspection immediately, and the operation can be continued after the fault is removed.

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