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Preventive Measures for Oxygen Corrosion of Industrial Boilers

2021-08-04 15:26:48

ZBG Boiler Group, as a professional industrial boiler manufacturer in China, tell you some preventive measures for oxygen corrosion of industrial boilers.

1. Deoxygenation of water supply. The oxygen dissolved in the feed water is the main cause of boiler corrosion. The raw water used in the low pressure boiler feed water generally has an oxygen content exceeding the water quality standards. In order to prevent boiler oxygen corrosion, the boiler must control the dissolved oxygen content of the feed water during operation. The main methods of water supply deaeration include thermal deaeration and chemical deaeration.

Thermal deoxygenation: The solubility of gas is affected by pressure and temperature. After water is heated to boiling, the solubility of gas in water is equal to zero. The atmospheric thermal deaerator is commonly used in industrial boiler feed water, which is to pass in hot steam to heat the water to the boiling point to achieve the purpose of deoxygenation. Chemical deoxidation-iron particle deoxidation: Iron particle is a new type of deoxidizer that has been successfully developed in recent years. When water containing dissolved oxygen flows through a deaerator equipped with iron particles at a certain temperature, the oxygen reacts with iron to form water-insoluble oxides to achieve the purpose of deoxygenation. The iron particle deaerator has simple filling, low water resistance and good deaeration effect.

2. Control and adjust the PH value of pot water. Practice has proved that when the pH value of the boiler water is lower than 10, oxygen corrosion is very easy to occur, and when the pH value is 10-12, the oxygen corrosion of the boiler body can be slowed down or avoided. Therefore, the PH value of the pot water must be controlled within an appropriate range. When the PH value of the pot water is lower than 10, the method of adding alkali in the pot is adopted to increase the PH value of the pot water.


3. Control the water supply of the system. During the operation of the boiler, it is necessary to strengthen system management, reduce the water loss rate of the hot water system, reduce boiler water replenishment, and prevent excessive oxygen in the feed water from entering the boiler and causing oxygen corrosion.

4. Reasonably control the operating load of the boiler. Reasonably control the boiler operating load and reduce the boiler water temperature as much as possible. The higher the thermal load, the more dissolved oxygen and the more serious the corrosion. The boiler load must be controlled reasonably during operation.

5. Strengthen the maintenance of out-of-service boilers. During the shutdown period, the shutdown maintenance method shall be adopted to keep the metal surface of the boiler sufficiently dry to prevent the oxygen in the air from entering the shutdown boiler and causing oxygen corrosion.

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