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Technical Specification of 10 Ton Capacity Steam Boiler

2022-08-15 08:40:29

Purpose: Fire tube, 3pass, wet back, horizontal steam boiler will be used for generation of saturated dry steam at 20 bar pressure.

Brand & Model of the Boiler: ZBG boiler

10 Ton Capacity Steam Boiler.jpg

10 Ton Capacity Steam Boiler

Boiler Design data:

1.Type of boiler: 3 Pass, wet back, horizontal, fire tube boiler.

2.Steam Capacity: 10 ton/hr.

3.Working (steam output) Pressure: 20 bar.

4.Design Pressure: 24 bar.

5.Saturation steam temp 2200c (according to relative chart)

6.Fuel type: Dual (Natural gas + Diesel)

7.Boiler efficiency: min 90% without economizer

8.Feed water temperature : 900 c

9.Inlet gas pressure : 2 – 20 psi

10.Calorific value of natural gas : 9.3kw/nm3

11.Burner turn down ratio: 1:4 with Fully automatic control.

12.Boiler construction: ASME/ CE code (certificate must be submitted with the tender)

13.Boiler registration: from chief inspector of boiler, Bangladesh.

14.Boiler base construction: Heavy steel structure.

15.Total heating surface area: (to be mentioned).

16.Country of origin: (to be mentioned)

17.Test pressure to be mentioned:

Boiler Mountings:

Boiler should be manufactured and assembled with following mountings:

1.Single port double lift type safety valves 2 nos.

2.Main steam stop valve 1 no.

3.Feed check stop valve 2 nos.

4.Feed NRVs (Disc check valve) 2 nos.

5.Blow down valve 2 no.

6.Auxiliary vent valve 1 no.

7.Water level gauge 2 nos.

8.Sight glass (Transparent type) 2 nos.

9.Non return valve for sight glass 2 nos.

10.Water level controllers low and low-low 1 set. Erab Ent/LPH/C

11.Water level controllers drain 1 no.

12.Isolation valves for water controllers 2 nos.

13.Pressure gauge, Main boiler 1 no.

14.High steam pressure cut-off 2 no.

15.Feed water pump 2 nos.

16.Digital Pressure transmitter & controller, 1 set.

Boiler Accessories:

Boiler should have necessary accessories / devices for smooth and economical operation of Boiler

1.Sample collection system of Blow down water.

2.Steam non-return valve at feed water line. -01 no.

3.Pressure gauge manifold isolating valve. -01 no.

Boiler Feed Water (BFW) pump with drive motor and coupling (2 Sets):

Make: (to be mentioned)

Model: (to be mentioned)

1.Multistage vertical centrifugal feed pump.

2.Flow range : cin 12.5 m3/hr at 20 bar pressure head

3.Delivery head : min 240 m

4.Power input : (to be mentioned)

5.Motor: 3 phase, induction motor 400 V + 20, 50 Hz.

6.Necessary open/close valve


Burner Type : Duel Fuel burner, Weishaupt

Modulation: Full automatic burner (step less) controlled by steam pressure transmitter, pressure

Controller and servo drive.

Make: Weishaupt

Model: (to be mentioned)

Regulation: Electronic compound regulation

Turndown ratio: 1:4

1.Burner with integrated combustion air blower : Force draft burner

2.Fuel : Natural gas, Diesel

3.Gas flow pressure : should be as per boiler design

4.Calorific value of natural gas : 9.3 Kw/nm3

5.Regulation : Full modulating

6.Burner installed electric power : (to be mentioned)

Equipment for gas burner (Weishaupt)

1.Flame controller and control accessories

2.Ignition device : Electrical/ Electronic

3.Switch device

4.Burner flame tube

5.Combustion air blower.

6.Ignition sensor

Gas train includes:

1.Ball valve -01 no.

2.Gas filter -01 no.

3.Pressure regulator -01 set.

4.Safety relief valves -01 no.

5.Pressure gauges - 02 nos.

6.Siam-shut off valves -01 no.

7.Gas solenoid valve -02 nos.

8.Gas solenoid valve for pilot ignition -01 no.

9.Gas proving system.

10.Air pressure switch -01 no.

11.Gas pressure switch, high & low -12 nos.

Diesel firing system:

Completely air atomizer diesel oil burner with oil filter, Oil nozzle, Oil pump, Air compressor, solenoids


Water Softener:

Twin type, Auto alternating operation.

Make: (to be mentioned).

Model: (to be mentioned).

Capacity: 20 m3/ hr.

Resin load: (to be mentioned).

Tank: Twin alternating tank.

Regeneration: Automatic regeneration

N.B: Water test report enclosed herewith.

(Softener should be designed as per water test report)

LP Dosing System:

Chemical dosing system includes

Piston pumps -2 sets.

HDPE tan -50 liter - 1 no.

Hose for dosing -1 set.

Auto/manual Surface Blow Down:

Complete auto/manual surface blow down system with valves, skimmer tube & control.

Make: (to be mentioned).

Model: (to be mentioned).

Boiler plate & Tube Material:

Boiler Construction Details:

Boiler Tube plate: (to be mentioned).

Boiler tube: (to be mentioned).

Shell: (to be mentioned)

Furnace drum: Corrugated

Tube thickness: min. 4 mm (seamless)

Type of welding – Electric Arc Welding.

Insulation & Type of Welding:

1.Type of Insulation -Mineral Wool.

2.Insulation Thickness - 100 mm (min)

3.Skin temperature – Amb +200C

4.Cladding Material – Aluminum

5.Cladding Thickness – 24 SWG.(.954)

Feed water tank:

A required size feed water tank should be delivered with the boiler. It should contain-

1.Water level gauge with stop valves.

2.Water inlet system with level controller.

3.Water Drain valve.

4.Tank water test kit and test facility.

5.Temp. gauge (0- 150 0 C)

6.Automatic steam injection system to maintain feed water temp.

7.Pressurized Deaerator setting system.

Pressurized Dearator

Pressurized deaerator should be set on the feed water tank.

Deaerating Capacity - 10 m3/hr

Water hold-up -20 minutes

Type- spray cum tray type

Feed water temperature – 950c

Pressurized Deaerator includes:

Level control system -1

Temperature control system -3

Top Platform and ladder

The boiler should be mounted with a ladder & a platform with safety grill at the top of the boiler facilitating maintenance work.

Boiler Control Panel

1.Full automatic sequence operation system.

2.Required Electrical control & safety equipments

3.Required other instruments

4.Phase & Voltage detection device.

5.Ammeter - 1 set. , Volt meter - 1 set

Condensate returns system:

Condensate recovery system having capacity of 60% return of boiler capacity. Brand and Model of the offered system should be mentioned and catalogue must be

Enclosed. It includes-

1.Insulation Jacket

2.Temperature gauge

3.Pressure gauge

4.Skid with receiver & other piping accessories

Instruments: For boiler Efficiency Monitoring system Includes:

1.Steam blow meter: Vortex type with pressure & density compensation - 1 set

2.Auto Blow down: TDS based automatic blow down control system. – 1 set

3.Portable flu gas analyzer - 1 set

Installation & Commissioning

Installation & commissioning of the boiler & its equipments should be done by the suppliers expert. Training of the operators & Engineers about the operation & trouble shooting should also be done by the same expert.

Spare Parts:

1.Shaft seal for feed pumps – 12 nos

2.Ignition Transformer -01 no

3.Pressure regulator with sensor -01 no.

4.Ignition electrode -04 nos.

5.Flame sensor – 03 nos.

6.Blow down valves – 02 nos.

7.Water softener kit – 01 no.

8.Manhole Gasket – 06 nos.

9.Mud hole gasket – 06 nos.

10.10’’ boiler pressure gauge, 0-25 kg/cm2- 02 nos.

11.4’’feed water pressure gauge, 0-50 kg/cm2- 02 nos.

12.Inspection test gauge cock.- 01 no.

13.Toughened glass for flame observation.- 01 no.

14.Gauge glass – 04 no.

15.Pressure transducer – 01 no.

16.Boiler sequential controller. -01 no.

17.Gas, Air modulation cam – 02 nos.

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