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ASME standard chain grate boiler technical requirements and technical standards

2023-07-03 09:38:55

 ASME standards are mainly aimed at overseas markets, compared to CE standards. This time, the customer purchased four 25-ton chain grate steam boilers with medium temperature and medium pressure. The following are the technical requirements and technical standards of chain grate boilers.

chain grate boiler

chain grate boiler

1. Technical requirements for chain grate boilers

1) Boilers are designed according to ASME standards and stamped with "S" stamp. The pressure parts shall be made of ASME standard materials, and the non-pressure parts shall be made of GB materials.

2) The boiler is a new type of furnace assembled from four parts. It adopts a double-drum (or three-drum) vertical chain grate assembly boiler. It has a compact structure, a beautiful appearance, and a single-layer arrangement. On-site assembly, easy installation and short construction period.

3) The design of the boiler platform should be convenient for operation and maintenance. The manhole door and observation hole on the furnace and flue are equipped with a platform, and the design of the manhole door must ensure that it is tightly closed.

4) The quality of valve supply must be guaranteed. Electric gates, safety valves, and control valves all need to provide installation and operation instructions. Electric valves are used for the main valve of desuperheating water, fire exhaust valve, main steam valve, water supply main valve and emergency water release. The safety valve adopts spring type safety valve. All electric doors and adjustable doors should have DCS interface, input and output signal 4-20mA. All valves are equipped with reverse flanges, metal wound gaskets and connectors.

5) The material of the main parts of the boiler, the manufacturer should comply with the relevant national standards and specifications, and provide a list of materials.

6) The overhaul cycle of the three rear parts is more than three years, and the boiler air preheater needs to consider the rigidity requirements.

7) The desuperheating water adopts boiler feed water.

8) Provide ten sets of drawings for installation, two sets of design drawings for the design institute, and provide an electronic version at the same time.

9) The economizer adopts light tube economizer.

10) The air preheater adopts the vertical tube box type at the upper level, and the horizontal arrangement at the lower level (the lower level adopts Corten tube material).

11) The positions of thermal instrument pipes, air system, and smoke system sampling pipes should be designed to facilitate installation and maintenance.

12) Anti-blocking measures are considered in the design of smoke pressure sampling points.

13) Provide boiler air pressure and air volume parameters for reference by the design institute.

14) The measuring points of the combustion system need to be increased (as follows), and their accurate design operating values ​​and measuring ranges should be provided:

Primary fan outlet air volume

Outlet air volume of secondary fan

15) Accurately provide the design operating values ​​and measurement ranges of other measuring points to avoid excessive deviation of the design data from the actual operating values.

16) The size of the thermocouple and thermal resistance socket attached to the body device must be designed according to the standard.

17) The valves participating in the automatic adjustment and remote operation ensure that the switch of the mechanical part is flexible and not jammed within the full stroke range; the electrical part is sensitive, and the limit operation is accurate and reliable; the valve position feedback signal is consistent with the actual valve position, and there is a 4-20mA signal output. The main water supply and desuperheating water regulating valves adopt straight-stroke integrated electric regulating valves.

18) The water wall fixing device should have sufficient strength, and the spacing should be reasonable to ensure that the heating surface does not vibrate abnormally during operation.

19) The grate material is heat-resistant cast iron.

20) Boiler feed water and outlet steam shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national standards.

2. Technical Standards

1. ASME Standard American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

2. NFPA 85 Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code

3. The Ministry of Labor [1996] Supervision Regulations on Steam Boiler Safety Technology

4. GB713-2014 steel plate for boiler

5. GB3095-2012 Atmospheric Environmental Quality Standard

6.GB3087-2008 Seamless Steel Tubes for Low and Medium Pressure Boilers

7. GB9222-2008 Water Tube Boiler Pressure Component Strength Calculation

8. GB11943-2008 boiler drawing

9. GB12145-2016 Water vapor quality standard for thermal power generating units and steam power equipment

10. GB13223-2011 Air Pollution Emission Standards for Thermal Power Plants

11. GB13271-2014 Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard

12. JB/T1609-93 Boiler Drum Manufacturing Technical Conditions

13.JB/T1610-93 Boiler Header Manufacture Technical Conditions

14. JB/T1611-93 Boiler Tube Manufacturing Technical Conditions

15. JB/T1612-94 Boiler Hydrostatic Test Technical Conditions

16. JB/T1613-93 Welding Technical Conditions for Boiler Pressure Components

17. JB/T1615-91 Boiler paint and packaging technical conditions

18.JB/T1616-93 Manufacture Technical Conditions of Tubular Air Preheater

19. JB/T1620-93 Boiler Steel Structure Specifications

20.JB/T1624-93 Medium and low pressure boiler tube bending radius

21.JB/T1625-2002 Medium and low pressure boiler welded tube hole size

22. JB/T2190-93 boiler manhole and head hole device

23. JB/T2191-93 boiler hand hole device

24. JB/T2634-93 Pipe Forming Welding Parts Technical Conditions

25.JB/T3595-2002 Power station valve technical conditions

26. JB4308-99 Boiler product seal and mark transplantation regulations

27. JB5339-91 Standard for Seismic Design of Boiler Frames

28. JB/T6509-92 technical conditions for small diameter pipe bends

29.JB/T6696-93 Power Plant Boiler Technical Conditions

30. Calculation method of JB/T6734-93 boiler fillet weld strength

31. JB/T6735-93 Calculation Method of Boiler Boom Strength

32. JB/T6736-93 Design Guidelines for Boiler Steel Frames

33.JB/T6769-93 Platform grid for industrial boilers

34.JB/T8130.1-99 Constant force spring support hanger

35.JB/T8130.2-99 variable spring support hanger

36. JB/T 9618-99 Guidelines for Design of Industrial Boiler Boilers

37. JB/Z 201-83 Hydrodynamic Calculation Method for Power Plant Boilers

38. ZBJ98016-89 technical conditions for boiler forgings

39. Thermal Calculation Method for Boiler Units

40. Aerodynamic calculation of boiler equipment

41.DL/T5047-2015 Technical Specifications for Construction and Acceptance of Electric Power Construction

If the above standards are updated, the latest standards shall be implemented.

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