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Design scope of supply of 25 tons chain grate steam boiler

2023-07-20 08:38:46

 1. The scope of supply of the 25-ton chain grate steam boiler body

The scope of supply of the 25-ton chain grate boiler shall be strictly in accordance with the following regulations, and matters not covered shall be implemented in accordance with national regulations:

1) Boiler steel structure, guard plate, platform, escalator (stairs)

All steel furnace racks, outer guard plates of the furnace wall, platforms within the scope of the main body, ladders, safety valves, regulating valves, air preheaters and other maintenance platforms, ash hoppers and platforms within the scope of the boiler body.

2) Steam drum and internal devices

Steam drum and its internal devices and accessories, steam drum suspension (fixing) device, etc.

3) Water wall system

All ascending pipes (heating surface of water wall, etc.), descending pipes, headers and pipes, sewage discharge, water discharge, lower headers, valves, suspension devices and other water circulation system components and corresponding accessories.

25 tons chain grate steam boiler

25 tons chain grate steam boiler

4) Superheated steam system

Superheater tube bundle, wear-resistant cover plate, header, steam connection pipe, drain, water release, air release pipe valve and accessories, steam temperature adjustment device (water spray desuperheater), backwash device, suspension (support) suspension device, Safety valve, etc., all parts and related accessories of the superheated steam system from the steam outlet pipe of the steam drum to the outlet of the final superheater header.

5) Economizer system

Economizer systems such as economizer tube bundles at all levels, headers and connecting pipes, wear-resistant covers and their fixing devices, recirculation pipes and valves, water drainage and water discharge and air release pipe valves and accessories, suspension (support) hanging devices, etc. All parts and related accessories.

6) Air preheater

Preheater tube boxes, connecting boxes, expansion sealing devices, anti-wear facilities and fixing devices, air preheater side guards at all levels.

7) Furnace wall and insulation

The insulation of pipes and headers within the scope of the boiler body, the insulation of the furnace wall and the sealing structure shall be designed by the seller (manufacturer), and all special-shaped metal components shall be supplied.

8) Door holes

Miscellaneous items such as various manholes, inspection holes (observation holes), etc.

9) Pipes, flue ducts and accessories within the scope of the boiler body

(i).Main feed water and desuperheating water pipes

Electric and manual valves, regulating valves, check valves, and mixing headers for the water supply console of the main water supply pipeline.

The desuperheating water pipeline includes the desuperheating water system pipeline from the main water supply pipeline to the superheater, valves (globe valve, regulating valve, etc.) and their accessories.

(ii). Soda sampling pipe

Cooler and its piping, steam and boiler water inlet side valves.

(iii).Other soda pipes

All drainage, water discharge, emergency water discharge, sewage discharge, chemical dosing, exhaust, superheater backwash, boiler shutdown protection, etc. within the scope of the boiler body are supplied to the last valve (including the isolation valve).

(iv).Bituminous coal pipeline

The air preheater inlet flue and expansion joint; the air preheater outlet flue is supplied to the primary air air preheater.

10) Combustion equipment

Including coal scuttle, chain grate, grate drive and slagging equipment.

(1) coal hopper

It is arranged in front of the boiler, and there is a coal gate inside. The coal gate adjusts the opening degree through the manual worm gear mechanism to control the thickness of the coal seam and the amount of coal to meet the needs of boiler load changes.

(2) grate

The grate adopts horizontal small scale chain grate.

The grate adopts air intake from both sides, and there are multiple independent air chambers on the lower part of the grate surface, which can be adjusted individually according to the combustion situation.

(3) Grate transmission device

The grate transmission device controls the speed through electromagnetic adjustment, the performance is stable and reliable, and it is equipped with a reliable overload protection mechanism.

(4) Slagging equipment

The slag discharge equipment adopts the integral slag discharge machine, and the conveying length is temporarily considered as 50 meters.

11) All valves and accessories of the boiler body

(i). Safety valves for steam drums and superheaters. The superheater’s desuperheating water regulating valve, manual valve, water supply electric main valve, electric air exhaust valve, main steam electric door, emergency water discharge electric door, etc. belong to the valves and supporting actuators within the scope of the boiler body, and belong to the scope of the boiler body. The damper and supporting actuators inside. The electric actuator adopts ROTORK and AUMA brands (redundant DP bus control).

(ii). Boiler continuous blowdown valve, manual valve, boiler fixed blowdown valve.

(iii). Other valves for draining water and adding medicine.

12) Boiler body measuring instrument

3 sets of single-chamber balance containers for drum water level measurement, 2 sets of two-color water level gauges, and other primary measuring instruments, components (temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.) and installation accessories such as instrument pipes and instrument valves for all measuring points within the scope of the boiler body .

13) Other components necessary to ensure the normal, stable, safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

14) Special tools

(i). A pair of special bolt wrench for steam drum manhole door.

15) Spare parts

Provide the spare parts and list of boilers for one year.

Scope of supply of boiler supporting auxiliary equipment

1) steam sootblower;

2) Refractory materials for the boiler body;

3) Matching bag filter, one set for each boiler;

4) One set of desulfurization system, four boilers share one set of desulfurization system;

5) Supporting air blower, induced draft fan, water supply pump (4 for use and 2 for standby) and two 60-ton deaerators;

6) Supporting boiler lighting system;

7) 2 sets of 1.5m3 continuous blowdown expansion vessel (equipped with instrumentation with equipment) and 2 sets of 3.5m3 regular blowdown expansion vessel (with equipment with instrumentation).

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