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Waste Heat Recovery Boiler With Flue Gas Flow of 170,000 Cubic Meters

2023-02-23 09:13:04

1.Denomination. Principal Conditions and Peculiarities

The heat-recovery boiler (hereinafter referred to as the “boiler”) is part of the industrial power plant of a coke-oven battery complex and designed for generation of steam by recovery of waste-gas heat of the coke-oven battery complex without entrapment of coking chemical products (the factory).

The main part of the steam generated by the boilers will be used for production of electricity by the steam turbo generator units of the condensation power station, the rest of the steam – to cover the factory’s own process needs.

The quantity of the boilers to be ordered is two pieces. Each boiler is connected to a separate chimney. As a consequence, no standby boilers should be provided for.

The type of placement of the boilers: in the open air (outdoors).

The minimum / maximum temperature of ambient air: -40/+40⁰C.

In accordance with SP 131.13330.2012 “Building Climatology”, the air temperature in the coldest 5-day period (reliability 0.92) is -39⁰C and absolute air temperature in the warmest period is +37⁰C.

Due to the continuous operation of the coke-oven battery complex and absence of the standby boilers it is possible for the boiler to be shut down for repair only for a short time, in which case flue gas to be transferred to the discharge chimney. In this connection, the boiler should be of such construction as to allow any component or assembly to be repaired or replaced promptly and in a technologically simple manner.

The gas supply lines should be connected to the boiler at the bottom.

2.Required Technical Characteristics of Each Boiler

Parameter Denomination, UOM Value
Volumetric flow rate of flue gas at inlet to boiler, nm3/h 170,000.0
Flue gas temperature at inlet to boiler, ⁰C 850 +/- 50
Pressure (vacuum) of flue gas at inlet to boiler, kPa 0.4
Flue gas temperature at outlet from boiler, ⁰C 160 180
Permissible draft loss of boiler’s gas duct, kPa Not more than 3
Flue gas composition   H2O ~ 12% CO2 ~ 9.68% SO2 ~ 1000-1200 mg/nm3 SO3 ~ 3,19÷3,55×10-4% N2 (NOx) ~ 660 CO ~ 550 mg/nm3 O2 ~ 6% Dust (soot) ~ 100-200 mg/nm3
Required boiler output, t/h 65
Steam pressure at outlet from boiler (abs.), MPa 1.6
Superheated steam temperature at outlet from boiler, ⁰C 350
BFW temperature, ⁰C 104
Size of connection flue gas flange of boiler, mm TBD at design stage

3.General Requirements

3.1The boiler should correspond to the Requirements Specification, regulatory-technical documentation in effect and laws and rules of the Russian Federation.

3.2The boiler should come complete with necessary equipment using the materials, semi-finished products, trimmings and accessories, control instruments, protection devices and safety instruments, feed units, sight glasses and manholes in accordance with the existing rules and regulations.

3.3Provision to be made to allow the boiler’s feed rate, superheated steam temperature and water chemistry conditions to be adjusted automatically.

3.4The boiler’s designer should issue an algorithm-statement of work for design of the boiler’s APCS (the deadline for its issue to be determined when concluding a contract for manufacture and delivery of the boilers).

3.5All the supplied equipment should be provided with compliance certificates, necessary marking, manufacturer’s technical data reports (passports), installation and operation instructions and respective manufacture supervision results.

3.6The boiler plant should be provided with heat insulation with protective layers to prevent the temperature of the surfaces of the heated components and heating units from exceeding 45⁰C.

3.7The impulse line piping of the boiler’s sampling points should be made of steel grade 12Х18Н12Т under TU14-3Р-55-2001 in accordance with the methodology guidelines of RD24.031.121.-2012.

3.8The marking of the equipment (boiler’s components) should correspond to the requirements of the existing rules and regulations.

3.9 The external surfaces of the boiler unit should be painted in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulatory-technical documentation taking into account the requirements of GOST 9.032-74.

3.10 The boiler’s components and assemblies should be suitable for storage, packing and transportation.

3.11 The boiler’s warranty period should be 36 months from the date of its commissioning.

3.12 The specified service life of the boiler should be 30 years.

3.13 The rated life of the boiler’s components operating under pressure should be 200,000.0 hours.

3.14 The cost of the contract for the manufacture and delivery of the boilers to include: delivery of the equipment to the warehouse of the factory, site supervision and commissioning work.

3.15 The end user should be advised of the boiler’s component composition and delivery set.

3.16 The end user should be advised of the boiler’s overall dimensions and connection sizes.

3.17 The end user should be advised of the time of delivery of the boiler and possibility of the end user’s specialist being present at the tests of the boiler’s individual components and assemblies at the manufacturing plant.

3.18 The end user should be advised of the composition of the technical documentation and drawings to be issued to the end user.

3.19 The manufacturer to provide an experience list showing examples of successful operation of this type of boiler from this manufacturer.

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