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Waste heat boiler manufacturers flue gas conditions and scope of supply items

2023-07-24 08:45:38

 Flue gas conditions at the inlet of the waste heat boiler

Smoke composition:

Requirements for Steam Parameters of Waste Heat Boiler

Main steam parameters at waste heat boiler outlet: 2.45MPa/400℃ superheated steam

Supply scope of waste heat boiler (single unit)

serial number Supply content Scope of supply
1 Boiler steel frame, shell platform escalator All boiler beams, columns, bottom plates (including anchor bolts), top plates, guard plate modules, inlet and outlet flues, a full set of platform escalators and all fasteners
2 Steam drum and internal equipment Steam drum and internal equipment, steam drum fixing device, safety valve, water level gauge, spare port valve, etc.
3 Evaporation heating surface Evaporation and heating pipes, water pipes, upper and lower headers, steam pipes, suspension fixtures, sewage discharge, water discharge, valves and accessories, sewage headers, etc.
4 Economizer Pipe panels, headers, fixtures, recirculation pipes and valves, related water drainage, air release valves, anti-wear devices, etc.
5 Insulation and Accessories Inner insulation material, lining board, metal outer shield and accessories for shielding module and inlet flue
6 category, hole Various manholes, inspection holes, test holes, soot blowing holes and connectors, etc.
7 Pipes within the scope of the boiler body  
8.1 water supply pipe The two-stage water supply pipeline (water supply for desalinated water and condensate water supply) is from one meter outside the boiler range to all pipeline valves of the water supply system, including all valves of the water supply operation table, desuperheating water pipes and all valves, including water discharge, air release valves, etc. (water discharge to the floor sewage main, vent to a safe location) 
8.2 steam pipes All pipes and valves from the steam header of the superheater to the boiler operation platform, including the temperature and pressure reduction system, pipes and valves (2.45MPa 400°C temperature reduction to 1.25MPa 250°C)
8.3 Soda Sampling Pipeline All steam and boiler water sampling pipes and valves (including sampling coolers) within the scope of the body, the pipes are supplied to the ground
8.4 Sewage, drainage and air release pipes Drainage water and sewage pipes are supplied to the ground, and air release pipes are supplied to the secondary gate, including all relevant valves. Boiler ignition exhaust steam and safety valve exhaust steam piping
8.5 Compressed air, deaerator low-pressure steam, circulating cooling water pipes and other auxiliary pipelines All pipelines and valves from one meter outside the boiler range to the boiler and equipment interface
9 Boiler body accessories All valves within the boiler range, necessary primary instruments (pressure gauges, thermometers, liquid level gauges, actuators, thermocouples, etc.); and reserve necessary interfaces, such as sockets for thermocouples and thermal resistance instruments
10 other Boiler flue gas inlet and outlet round variable square pipe fittings and flexible expansion joints, ash hopper rapping device, buried scraper machine (supplied to the outlet flange of buried scraper machine)
11 Dosing system Dosing device, dosing pump and accessories
12 Continuous blowdown expander 1 set
13 Periodic sewage expansion container 1 set
14 Deaerator (including water tank, platform) 1 set
15 Electric feed water pump 2 units (one for use and one for standby) frequency conversion control
16 Diesel feed water pump 1 set
17 electric circulation pump 2 units (one for use and one for standby) frequency conversion control
18 diesel circulation pump 1 set
19 Exhaust steam recovery unit 1 set
20 Valves, instruments and pipelines of boiler steam-water system 1 set
twenty one electric Power supply system for all equipment within the scope of the system (including: distribution cabinets, frequency converters, electrical control equipment, boiler body and platform lighting, water pump room lighting, electrical room lighting, cables, pipes and bridges within the scope of supply)
twenty two Electric instrument All instruments, automatic monitoring systems and supporting equipment (including: electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment, automation system control cabinets, on-site control cabinets (boxes), cables, pipes and bridges within the scope of supply) with a list of materials for electrical, instrumentation, and automation equipment, Necessary but not limited to the following measuring points: external steam pressure, temperature, flow measuring points, main feed water flow measuring points, temperature and pressure measuring points of each section of the heating surface, ash hopper material level measuring points, steam drum, deaerator, Temperature, pressure, liquid level measuring points of steam and water pipelines, etc.
twenty three Installation and commissioning of consumables Consumables required during waste heat boiler installation and commissioning include chemicals and other necessary consumables
Products Recommended
Vulcanization Tank
Vulcanization Tank Customized
Pressure: 0.45-1.3MPa (4.5 - 13bar)
DHL Corner Tube Biomass Fired Bo
DHL Corner Tube Biomass Fired Bo 10-160 t/7-112 MW
Pressure: ≤5.29MPa
Biomass Power Plant Boiler
Biomass Power Plant Boiler 10 - 75 t/ 7-52.5 MW
Pressure: ≤5.29MPa
Biomass Fired CFB Boiler
Biomass Fired CFB Boiler 20-280 t/ 14-196 MW
Pressure: ≤5.29MPa
Success Stories
100 Tons CFB Boiler in Zhengjian
100 Tons CFB Boiler in Zhengjian Application: Thermal Power Plant
Capacity: 100 Tons
1 Ton Gas Steam Boiler in Chile
1 Ton Gas Steam Boiler in Chile Application: Rubber Vulcanization
Capacity: 1 Ton/hr
6 ton biomass steam boiler in Ir
6 ton biomass steam boiler in Ir Application: paper industry
Capacity: 6 ton
15 ton diesel steam boiler in Pu
15 ton diesel steam boiler in Pu Application: tire factory
Capacity: 15 ton
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