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The Supply of Waste Heat Boilers and Auxiliary

2022-08-15 08:42:36

 1. Purpose of the recovery boiler (KU)

1.Recovery Boiler for cooling furnace gas (gas volume of 2.5 m 3 / hour) with temperatures of 900-1000 ° C to a temperature of 100 ÷120° C

12. Recovery Boiler should use residual heat smelting furnace frit generate superheated vapor pressure of ~ 4 kgf / cm 2 and a temperature of 185 ÷ 190 ° C in an amount of 3.5 t / h from a boiler using burners podtopochnyh or more - without burning natural gas podtopochnyh burners.

13. HRSG has to work under discharge.

14. Necessary Forced device determine project.

15. Characteristics of fuel - natural gas:


p / p

The name of indicators



Net calorific value (at 20 ° C, 101.325 kPa) kcal / m 3



The density of the gas, kg / m3

0, 7438


The average content of the components






0 59







Higher carbon





CO 2



The moisture content in the gas, g / Nm3



The pressure of the feed gas

0.03 MPa


The temperature of the feed gas

-10 To + 30 ° C

2. The required basic parameters.

2.1. The main purpose of the boiler in Energy - recycling waste energy with steam production.

2.2. The main parameters of the boiler:

2.2.1. Excessive pressure superheated steam leaving the boiler - 0,4MPa;

2.2.2. The temperature of the superheated steam leaving the boiler - 190 ° C;

2.2.3. Rated boiler steam capacity - not less than 2.5 t / h (using podtopochnyh burners of the boiler should not be reduced)

2.2.4. Pressure feed water (pressure) at the inlet to the boiler must ensure the steam pressure in the boiler of 0.4 MPa in view of the hydraulic losses in the steam path and maintain the nominal level;

2.2.5. The temperature of the feed water entering the boiler - 70 ÷ 100 ° C;

2.2.6. Natural gas pressure (gauge) in the pipeline - 0.4 MPa;

2.2.7. Consumption of natural gas for podtopochnoy burner - to specify the design of the boiler;

2.2.8. The temperature of the flue gas after the boiler - not more than 100 ° C;

2.2.9. The range of stable operation of the boiler with automatic control of the load in the range of - 40 to 100% of the rated output of the boiler;

Waste Heat Boiler.jpg

Waste Heat Boiler

2.2.10. Estimated lifetime of at least 11 years, followed by a technical examination;

2.2.11. Annual working hours - not less than 8000 hours;

2.2.12. Maximum maintainability at the installation site;

2.2.Trebovaniya to modes of use:

2.2.1. Sharing the furnace off-gas with the lowest possible supply of natural gas to the different modes of operation of the boiler.

2.4. Requirements for constructive device:

2.4.1. The design of the boiler and its components should provide reliability, durability and safety of operation in the design parameters for the design of the resource, its service life, the safe operation of the boiler, as well as the possibility of technical inspection, cleaning, repair, in-service inspection of metal;

2.4.2. Thermal insulation for low heat losses and the temperature of the outer surface of the insulation no more than 45 ° C at ambient temperatures up to 25 ° C in accordance with the "Rules of construction and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers;

2.4.3. The boiler must be equipped with a shut-off, control and relief valves from manufacturers who have the appropriate permissions;

2.4.4. Recovery boiler to operate only under the suction by exhauster driven by a motor, to maintain the desired pressure in the combustion chamber. Forced device required to provide basic design of the boiler to ensure efficient combustion in podtopochnyh burners;

2.4.5. All equipment of the recovery boiler is located inside the building (building).

2.4.6. Burners boiler must be certified in the prescribed manner;

2.4.7. To provide for the supply of the boiler system him.vodopodgotovki.

2.5. Set automatic protection system, emergency protection, locks and alarm systems (complete with the primary measurement and contact sensors and actuators) within the HRSG must comply with the "Rules of construction and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers" of the Republic of Uz bekistan and provides the following functions:

- Automatic control valve tightness;

- Automatic start and stop of the recovery boiler in accordance with the selected algorithm works recovery boiler in conjunction with the preparation of rotary kilns enamel powder;

- Automatic power control podtopochnoy burner given steam temperature corrected's exhaust gases;

- Automatic control of the ratio of gas - air;

- Measurement and automatic control of the vacuum in the firebox of the furnace;

- Light and sound alarm and emergency stop HRSG exit the operating parameters outside the allowable range;

- Manual control actuators;

- Graphs depicting the process of regulation of temperature, pressure, vacuum in real time;

- Real-time clock;

- Recovery boiler shutdown in case of emergency remembering the root causes;

- Logging the contents of the time and causes of past accidents;

- Active control circuit contact sensor;

- Functional testing of measuring sensors;

- Control and communication devices for digital interfaces;

- Communication with the upper level of digital interfaces;

- The inclusion of any trial of the actuator;

- Consideration of the operating time of the recovery boiler;

- Continuous, non-stop operation of the system.

2.6. Input and output signals set of automatic safety systems, emergency protection, locks and alarm systems (complete with the primary measurement and contact sensors and actuators) within the recovery boiler are caused by selecting a particular set of systems and not subject to a separate description.

2.7. Power automation system security, emergency protection, locks and alarms within the recovery boiler:

2.7.1. Power system from a single-phase 220 ​​V ± 20%, 50 Hz.

2.8. Requirements for electrical parts:

2.8.1. The parameters of the existing network - Voltage 220/380 V, with gluhozazemlёnnoy neutral, frequency 50 Hz.

2.8.2. The supplied electrical equipment must comply with the "Rules for Electrical Installation" (PUE)

2.8.3. Electrical equipment (excluding actuators) must be installed in power cabinets. Power cabinets should provide the required reliability ELEKTROSNAB  supply and meet the requirements of SAE.

2.8.4. Provide surge at inputs and outputs of inverters used.

2.8.5 Requirements for documentation: All electrical equipment should be provided with the following documentation:

* Maintenance documentation manufacturers in Russian (Instructions for installation, operation, maintenance of  servicing and repair);

* The boiler supplier should provide low-voltage electrical circuit boards and electric consumers, concepts control signal supplied to the electrical equipment;

* Supplier of the boiler, after the conclusion of the contract for the supply of boiler, must be within 1 month give the outcome of the customer  nye data on low-voltage electrical switchboards auxiliary  enforcement mechanisms in an amount sufficient to draft a power supply circuit boards supplied by the project organization, the existing enterprise networks.

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