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Sichuan Hospital Disinfection and Sterilization Purchase Fully Automatic Horizonta Gas Steam Boiler

2023-07-24 08:43:23

 Specifications and models of a complete set of equipment for hospital gas fired steam boilers

1. Horizontal gas fired steam boiler

1) The boiler structure adopts a three-pass wet-back type, a corrugated furnace, and a threaded pipe flue; the rated evaporation of the boiler is 2.0 tons/hour, the rated pressure is 1.25MPa, the thermal efficiency is higher than 92%, and the rated working temperature is 194 ° C ± 1 ° C.

2) The appearance of the boiler is made of stainless steel coated stainless steel with a thickness of 0.8mm;

3), boiler design life according to national standards: 15 years

4) The boiler is equipped with a platform escalator.

5) The surface temperature of the boiler body must not be higher than 55°C.

Gas Steam Boiler

Gas Steam Boiler

2. Oil and gas dual-purpose burner

1) Combustion adopts program control, flame control, and gas leak detection control box alarm; the burner adopts a proportional adjustment method to automatically adjust the combustion status according to the steam pressure

2) Fuel type: natural gas, 0# diesel, natural gas pressure; 5kpa ~ 8kpa, maximum flow rate of natural gas per hour: 200 cubic meters, 0# diesel: 127 kg.

3) Provide customs declaration certificate level type test report.

3. Burner muffler cover

1) Detachable design, noise <55dB.

4. Stainless steel electric water pump

1) The water level alarm controls the start and stop of the feed water pump with one backup and one use;

2) The temperature of the water medium is 80-90°C,

5. Stainless steel flue economizer

1) Material: 304, equipped with a stainless steel circulating pump, material and specification of heat exchange tube: 304, external dimension is 1200×1000×700mm±100mm, φ25×2 finned tube, heat exchange area: 45㎡, through and soft water The soft water circulation in the tank realizes waste heat recovery, and the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler is less than 120°C.

2) The service life of the energy saver is more than 10 years, and it is equipped with corresponding water pumps, pipe valves and instruments.

3) Working pressure: normal pressure operation.

6. Chimney

1) Chimney φ325×4, height 12 meters.

2) The chimney is discharged upwards out of the roof and a rain cover is added.

7. Instrument valve

1) The steam valves of the boiler body are all selected from Pg1.6, J41W-16 is used for flanged natural gas, J41H-16 is used for thermal pipelines, J11H-16 is used for threaded stop valves, and JB/T81-94 is used for flanges , 1.6MPa standard flange. .

2) The flange gasket adopts metal graphite gasket.

3) The boiler water level adopts a five-level water level alarm device and a two-color water level and one set to realize the controllable and online observation of the boiler's high and low water levels.

4) Boiler pressure uses a pressure sensor and a fixed safety valve to ensure that the boiler operates within the rated pressure range.

8. Electric control cabinet

1) Not less than 7-inch color touch screen operation and all Chinese graphics display and three-level password protection;

2) PLC; the touch screen displays the production process, and the process is automatically displayed in 30 seconds according to gas (oil), water, and steam pressure;

3) The controller and the load ratio regulator automatically control the steam pressure and overpressure protection; the automatic water level adjustment of the frequency converter; the minimum water level alarm and shutdown; the frequency conversion continuous automatic water supply

9. The sampler is equipped with Φ273

1) Manufactured according to national standards and design drawings

10. Fully automatic water processor

1) Specifications of the tank body: φ400×1900, the resin is MB, the total amount of resin is 140 kg, and the salt tank is 100 liters.

2) Fully automatic machine head, which can set and modify the operating conditions by itself.

11. The transaction supplier is responsible for transportation, installation, commissioning and acceptance by the local Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

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