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Sand Lime Brick/Fly Ash Brick Curing Autoclave

2016-07-08 16:21:58

Building materials like fly ash brick, lime-sand brick need high temperature and pressure curing in autoclave. High temperature and steam curing process is the most important step during lime-sand brick and fly ash brick production, the curing environmental condition and curing time have a great influence on brick quality. ZBG provides the essetial autoclave equipment for your production.

industrial autoclave

The curing principle as follow:

Lime-sand (fly ash) brick is mainly rely on quick lime the effective CaO and sand of SiO2 0.8 Mpa above pressure with steam (174.5 ℃ above), under the condition to go on the thermal synthetic reaction. To create all kinds of silicate gel material, for the most part for hydrated calcium silicate and a small amount of magnesium silicate etc, with aggregate sand firmly cement together, forming a certain structure strength. In the above process after equipment pressure molding for high strength lime-sand (fly ash) brick.
The reaction process:
CaO + H2O - Ca (OH) 2 + 15.5 kilocalorie
Ca (OH) 2 + SiO2 + (n-1) H2O 174.5 ℃ saturated steam
CaO * SiO2 * nH2O (calcium silicate)

Autoclaved Fly ash(lime-sand) brick advantages:

Compared with common cement brick manufacturing process, lime-sand brick and fly ash brick making process is more complex, but it is save material and environmental friendly, can add max ratio fly ash, lime-sand, tail slag etc raw material, to up to low energy consumption, waste re-clcyle, high quality of end bricks, tyde shape, high strength; due to lime-sand (fly ash) brick high volume, the sound insulation performance is special superior. In addition lime-sand (fly ash) brick belongs to no combustible building material. Lime-sand (fly ash) brick can’t bear heat above 200 degree, and quick heat quench and acid or hard building parts for a long time. It is suitable for bearing wall of multilayer composite structure building.

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