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Technical parameters of 2t/h oil and gas dual fuel steam boiler

2023-09-28 08:34:06

 1. Technical parameters of 2t/h fuel gas boiler

ordinal item name parameter

1 boiler model

2 The rated evaporation is about 2t/h

3 Rated steam temperature ≥ 184 ℃

4 The rated working pressure of the body is 1.0MPa

5 Body water volume ≥ 0.8m³

6 Boiler heating area ≥ 48.7m³ Energy saver heating area ≥ 7.1m³

7 Design thermal efficiency ≥ 94.2%

8 Applicable fuels: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, alcohol-based fuel, light oil, heavy oil

9 Fuel calorific value Natural gas 9000Kca1/Nm³ Light oil 10300Kca1/Nm³ Alcohol-based fuel 7500Kca1/Nm³

10 Fuel consumption (maximum at full load): about 142m³/h of natural gas; 116kg/h of light oil

11 Natural gas supply pipeline diameter DN65-80 (the pressure needs to be increased when the distance of the high-rise main pipeline exceeds 200 meters) (allowable deviation)

12 Air supply pressure: static pressure: 6-8KPa dynamic pressure: 5-6KPa

13 Natural gas flow rate 150Nm³/h

14 Steam outlet diameter DN65 (allowable deviation)

15 Sewage diameter 1*DN40

16 water inlet diameter DN32

17 The exhaust gas temperature is 155°C, and the blackness is 1 degree lower than Ringelmann

18 Power distribution level 380V±10%/50

19 Boiler chimney interface diameter Φ325mm

20 equipment shape (length x width x height)

21 The boiler transport weight is about 5.6t

22 Burner fire power adjustment method Second stage fire operation

23 Burner power about 2.2KW

24 Boiler feed water pump power about 4KW

25 Control system functions fully automatic control of multiple safety protections, digital display interface: automatic control of water inlet and outlet according to outlet water temperature, over-temperature protection alarm, low water level interlock protection alarm: combustion flameout, combustion abnormality mirror protection alarm, ignition program control, It has pre-purge functions: automatic fault query, fault cause analysis, and overpressure alarm. Serial No. Product Name Parameter Quantity.

2t/h oil and gas dual fuel steam boiler

2t/h oil and gas dual fuel steam boiler

Two valve instruments and safety accessories

1 Pressure gauge 0~1.6MPa 2.5 grade Y-150 2 pieces

2 Pressure gauge three-way cock X14W-1.6T 2 pieces

3 Pressure gauge water trap GGT12.01 1

4 Full-open spring safety valve PN1.6 DN50 0.8~1.0MPa 1 piece

5 main steam valve PN1.6 DN65 1 set

6 cast steel globe valve PN1.6 DN25 3 sets

7 Stainless steel check valve PN1.6 DN25 1 set

8 Two-color water level gauge PN1.6 L=500 1 piece

9 Cast steel drain valve PN1.6 DN40 2 sets

10 Cast steel ball valve PN1.6 DN25 2 sets

11 Valve PN1.6 DN32 1 set

12 valve PN1.6 DN40 1 set

13 Valve PN1.6 DN25 1 set

14 electrode water level controller PN1.6 DN25 1 piece

15 3 pressure controllers

16 bolts M12×55 60 sets

17 bolts M16×60 40 sets

18 flange DN25 8 pieces

19 flange DN32 1 piece

20 metal mat DN25 11 pieces

21 metal mat DN15 1 piece

22 metal mat DN32 1 piece

Three supporting auxiliary machines

1 Soda water separator 1 set

2 Chimney flue¢400 1 set

3-point cylinder ¢273 (one in and three out) 1 set

4 burners (gas type) (originally imported) 1 set

5 Fully automatic computer controller (LCD display) 1 set

6 Stainless steel boiler feed water pump 2.4-8×18 2 sets

7 Fuel economizer DN500 1 set

8 Fully automatic water processor 4T/h 1 set

Four spare wearing parts

1 hand hole pad set 10

2 Stop valve PN1.6 DN32 1

3 Stainless steel check valve PN1.6 DN25 1

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