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4t/h condensing natural gas steam boiler technical parameters and specifications

2023-10-07 08:57:26

 4t/h condensing natural gas steam boiler technical parameters and specifications

serial number name Main equipment specifications, technical parameters and requirements quantity/unit Remark
1 Integrated fully condensing steam boiler 1. Rated evaporation capacity: 4t/h; Applicable fuel: natural gas 2. Rated steam pressure: 1.25MPa 3. Thermal efficiency ≥ 96% (non-condensing); boiler energy efficiency test report is required. 4. The exhaust gas temperature is lower than 80°C. 5. Boiler structure: horizontal fire tube, three-pass full-wet back structure; 6. The boiler smoke return chamber adopts a full-wet backboard edge butt structure, and is equipped with explosion-proof doors and fire viewing mirror. 7. The most advanced economizer must be provided, in line with the national technical indicators of energy conservation and emission reduction, integrated design of boiler, economizer and condenser, reasonable arrangement of economizer and condenser, effective heat exchange material resistant to acid corrosion, flue gas resistance and flow rate Reasonable, the condenser shell is made of ND steel to increase corrosion resistance, and the heat exchange tube is made of steel-aluminum composite fin tube to improve heat exchange efficiency. 8. Boiler body requirements: sufficient heating area, full wet back structure, corrugated furnace, threaded smoke pipe, take effective measures to prevent cracking of the inner front tube plate and corrosion of the heating surface at the rear, and the boiler body is equipped with a scale detection device and an oxygen content The analyzer detects the oxygen content in the flue gas. 9. Boiler insulation requirements: The body uses two-component insulation materials, and the surface temperature is lower than 50 degrees Celsius. The furnace top must not be higher than 70 degrees Celsius. The equipment body has been insulated before leaving the factory, and the outer casing is made of 304 stainless steel plate. 10. Boiler noise requirements: One meter away from the burner, when operating at full load, the overall boiler noise: ≤85db (A) 1 set  
2 burner 1. Imported original brand-name burners are used. Such as: Weishaupt, Euke in Germany; Olin in Finland, Riello in Italy, Baide (integrated structure with fan, the combustion efficiency is over 99%. The burner is equipped with a well-known international gas brand balance valve group, and the valve group must have its own gas Leak detection system. The program controller needs to adopt a professional combustion controller, which has the function of operating information and fault alarm display. In order to reduce the operating noise, the air inlet of the burner is equipped with a muffler.) 2. Combustion method: automatic proportional adjustment; 3 , Burner load adjustment range 1:5. 4. Fuel type: natural gas. 5. The burner has the function of front cleaning and rear cleaning: the combustion system requires automatic high-pressure ignition, automatic air supply, and flame monitoring function; 6. It has the function of proportional adjustment: it has flame extinguishing protection device; it has gas leakage protection and is equipped with gas leakage safety alarm ,Detection Systems.           1 set          
3 boiler feed pump 1. Water pump brand requirements: Danish Grundfos, Nanfang/Hangzhou, Enda 2. Water supply method: frequency conversion water supply. 3. Structural form: vertical multi-stage. 4. Water pump material: stainless steel 5. Water pump technical parameters (for reference): flow rate 4m3/h, lift 140m, power 4kw 6. Operation mode: one for use and one for backup 1 set  
4 Boiler control cabinet 1. The control system adopts PLC + 10-inch color touch screen. The brand is selected from well-known brands such as: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Delta, etc. 2. The control system has both automatic and manual control methods. The automatic control adopts PLC + touch screen method, which can dynamically display the operating status of the boiler. The equipment has overpressure, ignition, and flameout functions. , wind pressure, protection start and shutdown program control. The control cabinet can control all adjustments and control links related to the boiler. The control, monitoring, display, adjustment and recording of the boiler equipment are all fully automatic. In order to ensure the absolute safety and reliability of the control cabinet, all components are from well-known brands and have standby and automatic recovery functions for parameter control targets. Reduce the thermal shock to the boiler, save fuel and reduce operating costs. It is equipped with safety controls such as gas leakage safety alarms, detection systems, high and low steam supply pressure protection devices, and has automatic shutdown protection functions such as furnace shutdown, manual reset, and automatic opening of safety valves. 3. It has operation record and fault query functions: records the running time of equipment operation and water replenishment pumps and other loads, equipment operating status, etc., and detailed records of system and control equipment failures during operation. 4. Main spare parts of electronic control, such as temperature transmitter, pressure controller, liquid level gauge, display, relay, switch, indicator light, programmable controller, and a detailed list of electrical components of the intelligent controller, including Brand, manufacturer, specification model, quantity. 5. The electrical system design structure is simplified and has high anti-interference ability. 6. Control should comply with TSG G0002 "Boiler Energy Saving Technical Supervision and Management Regulations" 1 set  
5 Boiler body instrument valve Product grade requirements: Made of cast steel  1 set Matching with the boiler
      6 soft water tank 1. Box material: USU304 stainless steel, thickness 2.5mm 2. Box volume: 10m3 3. Insulation requirements: double-layer polyurethane foam insulation water tank 4. The softened water tank is connected to the following pipes: (1) Manhole. (600X600) (2) Overflow pipe, DN40 matching flange connection. (3) Liquid level gauge, DN20 matching flange connection, water level observation adopts magnetic flap liquid level gauge. (4) Water outlet pipe, DN40 matching flange connection. (5) Water inlet, DN40 matching flange connection, automatic control by floating ball in the box. (6) Sewage pipe, DN40 matching flange connection. (7) Condensate water inlet pipe (DN80) is connected with matching flange. (8) Condensed circulating water, inlet and outlet, DN50, matching flange connection. 1 set  
7 Assay sampling cooler Material carbon steel, φ273 1 set  
8 Condensate circulation pump 1. Water pump grade requirements: Use domestic well-known brands, such as Shanghai Kaiquan, Dongfang, Nanfang, Sunshine, Enda, etc. 2. Water pump technical parameters (for reference): flow rate 12m3/h, head 10m, power 0.55kw 3 Operation mode: one-use One preparation 2 units  
9 Burner silencer The muffler cover is movable, and the shell is made of stainless steel, which can make the noise of the burner <75dB(A) 1 set  
10 Boiler room system pipes, valves, instruments The boiler room system pipes are all made of national standard seamless steel pipes, and the valves are made of well-known domestic brands. The sealing gaskets of the valve and flange are made of oil-resistant and high-temperature-resistant metal-wound flexible graphite gaskets; the insulation material is made of centrifugal glass wool and is wrapped with 0.5mm color steel plates. The installation process complies with relevant national specifications. 1 set  
11 Cables and Control Cables 1. Wires and cables are from well-known domestic brands, and signal lines are all shielded cables. 2. VV22 copper cables. Power and control lines are not allowed to use single-core wires. 3. All wires are passed through pipes, and all pipes are made of ordinary wall-thickness galvanized steel pipes. 1 item  
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