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Installed Thermal Capacity of 14 MW Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Technical Specifications

2022-12-06 14:11:41

 Installed Thermal Capacity of 14 MW Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Technical Specifications

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The technical specifications


Block-modular boiler house with installed capacity of 14.0 mW (4x3. 5 mW).



Type of fuel-coal.  

1. Development of technological project BMCU(hot water coal boiler) installed thermal capacity of 14 MW (of 12.04 Gcal / h) lignite calorific value of 3,750 Kcal / kg, to perform in accordance with SNiP 2-35-76.

2. Provision of complete delivery of block-modular boiler house with installed capacity of 14.0 mW (4x3. 5 mW)boiler house.

3. Installation and commissioning of BMCU.

4. To develop a project of fuel supply, ash removal, energy accounting, energy, Instrumentation, power supply, according to the terms of reference.

5. Development of the master plan of the boiler. 6. The contractor ensures the design, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and start-up of the boiler with the specified parameters in the terms of reference, the passage of environmental and technical expertise of the project in the relevant authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

7.Nominal capacity on brown coals, MWt (Gcal) – 3,5 (3,1) ±10% for each boiler.

The estimated consumption of fuel – according to the project. When using coals with characteristics different from the design, the heating capacity is determined during commissioning and is specified in the boiler mode map, but not lower than the requested one.  The range of regulation of heat production in relation to the rated power, % - 30-100.

Boiler efficiency not less than, % - 70 by results of balance tests.

Boiler dimensions assembled - for installation in the module and transportation.

8.The fuel supply system is mechanized (as agreed).

To provide for a crusher and an indoor coal warehouse with a height of not less than 9 meters

Coal is fed to the receiving mechanism of the failed grid test grid 5*5 cm in the bunker.

9.Ash and slag removal system should include scraper conveyors, bunker storage of slag with a capacity of not less than 5 m3. To remove ash from flue gases to provide for the installation of multi-cyclones (installed outside the boiler), with a cleaning 96-99% .  Unloading of slag from the storage hopper is carried out in a specialized technique.10. The boiler room to execute on the closed two-circuit scheme. The preparation of the DHW is not envisaged.

The network is supplied with raw water treated at the softening unit and mechanical filter. Provide reserve capacity not less than 2*50 m3.

11.Provide local and General control cabinets, as well as a collection Cabinet of General measurements.

12.To supply air to the boiler furnace install a fan. Flue gas discharge is carried out by a smoke exhaust through an air heater and a cyclone connected to each boiler.  

13.Change the heat output of the boiler to carry out on - off boiler, change of fuel flow.

14.In the boiler room to provide ventilation with a fence of external air.

To carry out natural exhaust ventilation to provide deflector or exhaust fans.

15.The building of the boiler plant complete factory supply perform nodes that provide installation at the Customer, with a complete list of mounting and sealing elements.From the roof of the building to provide gutters. The main and emergency exits are equipped with walkways and stairs with railings. Service platforms and stair treads to perform in accordance with NTD of expanded metal.

16.For a zero elevation of the building make +2,000 from the scratch pad or to determine in the design.

17.In a boiler room to establish modules of powder fire extinguishing, to provide the fire alarm, and also the signaller of gas contamination of sow. 18.To regulate the blowing and discharge in the furnace, smoke exhausters and fans are equipped with drives with frequency regulators..

19.The boiler circuit pump and to provide make-up project for a network circuit using pumps of type D (D-320/50, or equivalent) .

To provide reserves on pumps.

20.To provide a smoke pipe. The type of pipe (stretching), height not less than 32 m. other parameters of the chimney to specify at design time (changes are possible when executing section "Assessment of environmental impact"). Provide light absorption and lightning protection.

21.Ensure that the temperature and the recoverable volume of air inside the boiler room when operating the boilers at SP 131.13330.2017 "Construction climatology". Seismicity up to 9 points (to clarify before starting the design).

Climatic reference of the construction site will be presented before the design.

22.The design of the Foundation is included in the scope of the design of the boiler. After the conclusion of the contract, the supplier must provide the Customer with the developed draft Foundation plan within 2 weeks and mount the Foundation before the installation BMCU14 mW.

23. Development of section "assessing the impact on the environment" are also included in the scope of designing the boiler room.

24. Delivery is carried out by the supplier, to the extent necessary.  The supplier carries out complex delivery block-modular boiler house of the maximum factory readiness. with sandwich panels, Windows and doors, as well as all the necessary mounting materials.

25. Design facilities to perform in accordance with SNiP 2-35-76:

1. Boiler house (boundary walls of the boiler, cyclones, flue);

2. Fuel supply system (borders: coal warehouse-boiler bunker);

3. Ash removal system (borders: ash collection boiler – bunker).

26.Installation (turnkey) is carried out by the Supplier. Commissioning is performed by the Supplier with the participation of the customer's operating personnel. Characteristics of the boiler must comply with the technical specifications .

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