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10 Tons of Gas-fired Steam Boiler Body and Supporting Equipment Parameter Requirements

2023-03-13 08:47:52

10 Tons of Gas Fired Steam Boiler Body and Supporting Equipment Parameter Requirements

serial number


Purchase quantity

skills requirement

1※Main part


2 units

Horizontal internal combustion full wet back, evaporation capacity of a single unit: 10T/H (inlet water temperature: 20°C), rated evaporation pressure: 1.25Mpa, steam outlet temperature: 193.4°C;

The thermal efficiency is greater than 100%, and the exhaust gas temperature shall not be higher than 60°C (under rated load); (the thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature shall provide the test report of the authoritative organization)

The shell is made of stainless steel plate with heat preservation and high thermal resistance material + 0.6mm or more. The scheme of spraying paint on cold-rolled plate or color steel plate is not accepted, and the external temperature of the boiler must not be higher than 50°C;

An explosion-proof door must be installed outside the boiler.


2 sets

The product quality of the burner refers to or is equivalent to Zac brand, Weishaupt brand and Johnson & Johnson brand. The combustion efficiency shall not be lower than 99%. The report issued by the agency), the emission of nitrogen oxides shall not be higher than 120 mg/cubic.

The burner must be equipped with a sound-absorbing cover to ensure that when the burner is working at rated load, the noise within 1 meter of the burner is lower than 85 decibels, and the noise within 3 meters outside the wall of the boiler room is lower than 50 decibels at night (noise detection during installation and acceptance) A report issued by a nationally recognized testing agency is required).

The burner is required to be imported with original packaging, and a "Type Test Report" is required. A customs declaration form is required for installation acceptance.

※Control System

2 sets

It meets the national safety standards for industrial boilers.

It adopts international famous brand PLC + 7-inch color touch display screen, and the type of electric control cabinet is a desk type, which realizes automatic control and adjustment of combustion, water level, protection, alarm, etc., and can realize automatic/manual conversion adjustment.


1 set

1 set of 20-ton low-level deaerator, the deaeration equipment adopts low-level thermal deaeration, adopts electric control valve of famous brand, the deaeration temperature reaches 104 ℃ and above, and the deaeration equipment, steam-to-water equipment and format heat exchanger must Mutual supporting equipment.

※Continuous water supply control system

2 sets

The internationally renowned brand three-way regulating valve or frequency conversion control is adopted to realize the continuous water supply of the boiler, and point-point water supply (starting the pump at low water level and stopping the pump at high water level) is used as a backup control scheme.

※ Economizer

2 sets

The finned tube type or stainless steel tube type is used, and the flue gas temperature is required to fluctuate between 120-150 °C according to the change of the boiler load.

2※Main auxiliary equipment

※Feed water pump

4 units

It is required to be a well-known brand multi-stage centrifugal pump, the flow rate matches the boiler evaporation, and the outlet lift is ≥150m.


2 sets

Boiler water sampling, sampling temperature < 40°C, matching use, connecting pipe material is seamless pipe.


2 sticks

The material of the chimney is 4mm 304 stainless steel, and the part of the chimney between the boiler chimney and the economizer needs to be insulated.

※Automatic water softener

1 set

It adopts double-tank and double-valve flow control valves, which can operate each boiler independently, and the water treatment capacity is 20 tons per hour for a single unit. The brand of control valves adopts international famous brands.

※Stainless steel soft water tank

1 set

It is required to be a 30-ton square water tank made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of not less than 3mm and reinforced with reinforcement.


1 set

500mm in diameter. (The export size will be confirmed after winning the bid)


"Steam-to-water" device

The bidder must design a set of "steam-to-water" device, which must meet the requirements of the purchaser. The specific parameters are as follows
   ; The water temperature of the device is 75 degrees Celsius; the hot water consumption after being heated by the "water exchange" device in the second inpatient building is 120 tons/day (including the fourth inpatient building). (On-site inspection during installation acceptance, if it does not meet the standard, it will not be accepted , and all consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the bidding company)

Henan Duqu 10-ton SZS low nitrogen condensing gas boiler project

Wood processing is a traditional advantageous industry in Duqu Town, and the building materials industry is one of the main applications of gas-fired boilers . The 10-ton SZS gas-fired boiler purchased by the customer from ZBG this time is mainly used for the production and supply of steam for plate manufacturers. This type of boiler adopts a double-drum vertical D-shaped layout with a compact structure. Important components such as the drum are not directly exposed to high-temperature flame radiation and Scour to achieve a higher safety margin. Fully automatic low-nitrogen burner and flue gas recirculation system (FGR) are adopted, the fuel is fully burned, and the nitrogen oxide emission is lower than 30mg/m³, which meets the strictest nitrogen oxide emission standard in my country. (Note: Luohe City currently follows the national unified boiler pollutant discharge standard).

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