What are the dust removal modes of boilers


Boiler in the use of the process inevitably produce dust and flue gas, boiler dust is the dust from the boiler separated from the flue gas, thereby reducing dust pollution and is conducive to further flue gas desulfurization and denitrification process. According to the function mechanism of dust collector, there are four ways to dust the boiler:

1.Mechanical dust collector: the general role in the dust collector, the dust force is gravity, inertial force and centrifugal force, this kind of dust collector can be divided into: gravity settling chamber, inertial dust collector, centrifugal dust collector (also Called cyclone dust collector).

2. Electric dust collector: also known as electrostatic precipitator, its working principle is to dust particles in the dust charged electricity, in the electric force under the action of the charged dust particles deposited on the surface of the settlement machine. According to the structural characteristics of electrostatic precipitator, there can be a variety of classification, in which the dust collector can be divided into tubular electrostatic precipitator and plate electrostatic precipitator.

3. Filterable dust collector: filter dust removal device is dust gas and filter medium relying on inertial collision, diffusion, retention, screening and other functions, to achieve separation of gas and solid dust removal facilities. According to the filter media and structure of different forms, divided into bag dust collector and particle layer dust collector.

4. Wet dust collector: also known as wet scrubber, with water or other liquids for dust removal facilities to collect the dust particles of the medium, according to the energy level is divided into the low wet dust collector (spray tower, water film dust etc.) and high wet dust remover (venturi filter).

In fact, in a dust collector, several dust removal mechanisms are often used at the same time, so the general situation is classified according to the main mechanism of action. When choosing boiler dust collector and dust removal mode, please feel free to consult our online customer service.

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