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We Have Inquiry Biomass Boiler With Capacity 6 Tons

2021-10-28 08:57:47

 We have inquiry biomass boiler with capacity 6 tons. The 6-ton biomass boilers produced by ZBG include biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers and biomass power generation boilers. Different uses have different pressure requirements. Please inform your needs Pressure, our business manager here will select and quote the boiler for you as soon as possible.

What is the energy consumption of a 6-ton biomass fired boiler in one hour

Calculating formula for fuel consumption per hour of bio-type boiler: boiler heat supply x3600s/biomass fuel calorific value/boiler combustion efficiency, calculated with the most common biomass pellet calorific value 4000kcal/kg (ordinary biomass fuel such as straw, The calorific value of sawdust, firewood, sanding powder, waste paper, rice husk, cotton wool, etc. is very low, up to 2000 kcal/kg. The calorific value of biomass particles made by crushing, drying and mechanical compression can be increased to 4000kcal/ kg), it is calculated that a 6-ton biomass boiler needs about 1,080 kg of straw, rice husk and other biomass fuels per hour, and an average of 180 kg of pellet fuel is required for every 1 ton of steam.

6 ton biomass pellet boiler

6 ton biomass pellet boiler

Operating cost of 6 ton biomass pellet boiler

1) Fuel cost of biomass boiler

A 6-ton biomass-fired boiler needs to burn 1080 kg of pellets per hour. For the Chinese market, pellets are calculated at RMB 800 per ton. The fuel cost per hour of the biomass boiler costs 800 x 1.08 = 846 RMB. The boiler runs every day. The time is 10 hours, 10×846=8460 yuan; the general boiler is not full load operation, if calculated by 80% of the steam volume, it can be concluded that a 6-ton biomass chain furnace needs at least 6768 yuan to operate a day; 300 yuan per year Calculated every day, then a 6-ton straw-burning biomass boiler needs to spend 6768×300=2030400 yuan in fuel costs per day.

2) Electricity consumption of 6 ton biomass boiler motor

Drum and induced draft fan 29.5KW, reducer, feeder, water pump, conveyor total 10KW, the total is calculated at 50KW; calculated at 1 yuan per kWh, the hourly electricity cost is 50×1=50 yuan; daily is 10 The hourly cost is 50×10=500 yuan; the annual calculation is 500×300=120,000 yuan for 300 days.

3) Labor costs

The Zhengguo Biomass Straw Boiler has a high degree of automation, with only one person per shift. If divided into 2 shifts, it costs RMB 2,000 per person per month, and costs 2×2000×12=58,000 RMB per year. (Customer calculations should be based on the local wage level).

4) Boiler repair and maintenance costs:

Calculated at about 5,000 yuan per year for the first 3 years (according to the quality of the biomass boiler manufacturer’s products, if the wear is low, the efficiency is high, the repair rate is low, and the product three guarantees service is promised, then only Calculate the maintenance cost of the biomass boiler)

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