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Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Heat and Power Generation

2016-04-18 14:32:07

 Industrial facilities release significant amounts of excess heat into the atmosphere in the form of hot exhaust gases or high-pressure steam. A waste heat recovery boiler can re-utilize the flue gas waste heat generated in the industry process as fuel, like the carbon rotary kiln, glass kiln, steel & iron processing, chemical plant, thermal power plant, etc. Waste heat recovery boilers are used in these industries for heat and power generation.

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Heat and Power Generation,waste heat power generation boiler advantages

Advantages of waste-heat recovery boiler used in industry

• Reduces energy costs: All recovered waste heat directly replaces purchased energy, thereby reducing energy costs;
• Reduces cost of capital equipment: Reuse of waste heat allows for the use of smaller energy conversion equipment capacity, often resulting in savings in capital expenditures offsetting the cost of the heat recovery system;
• Reduces operating costs: Since waste heat recovery reduces energy costs and often also reduces capital costs, it reduces operating costs;
• Reduces environmental impact: Because all waste-heat recovery directly replaces purchased energy, it also reduces the environmental impact on air and water;
• Reduces GHG emissions: Waste-heat recovery by industry reduces GHG emissions associated with industrial operation;
• May reduce air emission treatment costs: The cost of treatment of air pollutants may be significantly reduced by waste-heat recovery from exhaust gases in those facilities that rely on incinerators to decompose gaseous or vaporous air pollutants;
• May improve product quality: The use of heat pumps for lumber drying typically provides better quality dried lumber and higher yields.

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