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Technical requirements for three 1400kW low-nitrogen natural gas heating boilers

2023-08-07 08:42:05

 Boiler parameters

1. Boiler type: condensing low nitrogen gas hot water boiler;

2. Rated output heat load: 1400kW/set;

3. The thermal efficiency of the boiler body: ≥108% (the boiler body contains the original condenser);

4. Heat exchanger material: single-layer copper-finned tube heat exchanger;

5. Equipment performance: 20-100% load automatic adjustment operation;

6. Combustion method: proportional combustion;

7. Boiler heat exchange method: water pipe three-pass design;

8. Nitrogen oxide emissions: ≤30mg/m3;

9. Maximum pressure bearing capacity: 1.1MPa;

10. Gas consumption: ≤134 m3/h;

11. Gas pressure: 3000Pa;

12. The floor area of ​​a single unit is less than 1.5m2

The selection of low nitrogen burner needs to pay attention to the following:

1) Boiler furnace size and design. (Volume heat load MW/m3 of the furnace)

2) Boiler type, hot water, steam, heat transfer oil, etc. 3) The output and emission requirements of the boiler required by the customer (acceptance load and efficiency)

4) The size and design of the front wall of the boiler

5) The fuel used, the calorific value and nitrogen content of the fuel

6) Boiler exhaust gas temperature and furnace back pressure

7) Boiler room design (using ambient temperature)

8) Flue design (whether to share the flue)

skills requirement

1. The project intends to purchase gas-fired pressurized hot water boilers. The gas-fired boilers and accessories should adopt advanced and mature design and manufacturing technology, and should be energy-saving products. The overall layout of the boilers should be neat and compact, and the appearance of the boilers should be beautiful and generous.

(1) The internal heat exchange tubes of the boiler should be made of advanced materials. The boiler should have the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. The burner of the boiler adopts a fully automatic proportional adjustment control system. The boiler can automatically match the gas input and output heat according to the actual use of the user, and the user can adjust it arbitrarily according to the use requirements, which can save energy to the greatest extent. The boiler should have automatic control function operation It is simple and has a high degree of automation. It should have a constant temperature controller, high temperature and high pressure protection, and the boiler control system should be able to realize the group control function, with its own LCD touch display panel, and multiple parallel automatic operation. At the same time, the boiler should have a built-in group controller. Multiple boilers can be connected to each other to form a boiler group system. One of the boilers can automatically and real-time control the start-stop and operating parameters of the remaining boilers, and automatically coordinate the operating status of each boiler;

(2) The boiler controller should have climate compensation control function, and the controller can adjust the output power of the boiler system in real time according to the actual outdoor temperature and user settings;

(3) The control system should have the functions of antifreeze, water temperature exceeding the limit, exhaust gas temperature exceeding the limit, and temperature rise limitation.

(4) In order to ensure the long-term use of the boiler's corrosion resistance, the whole boiler is specially made of stainless steel panels.

3. Burner

(1) This project requires that the boiler body is equipped with an original imported condenser and a low-nitrogen fully premixed burner. The NOX emission concentration is less than 30mg/Nm30. The fully premixed burner should be equipped with a zero-pressure gas valve to ensure a constant ratio of air and gas. Achieve full combustion, improve efficiency and reduce NOx emissions.

(2) The burner adjustment method should meet the automatic proportional stepless adjustment operation of 20%-100% rated load.

(3) The burner should have the functions of flame monitoring, gas high and low pressure protection, flameout protection, and a leak detection device to prevent gas leakage.

(4) For imported products, customs declaration procedures are required.

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