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Singapore Coffee Factory 25 T/H Biomass Steam Boiler Project

2022-06-20 08:26:17

 Recently, we received an inquiry from a Singaporean customer who needed to purchase a 25t/h biomass steam boiler with a pressure of 40bar and a temperature of 280 Deg C. The details are as follows:

"We are a Renewable energy company in Singapore and we are operating two Biomass power plant in Singapore. Currently, we are working on 3rd Project for Nestle Singapore.

I have attached necessary requirements of this Biomass boiler project for your reference. We are looking for Please send me a quote accordingly."

25 ton biomass boiler.jpg

25 ton biomass boiler

25 tons per hour biomass steam boiler technical parameters

Summary Of Biomass Boiler  Requirements 
1 Boiler type Chain Grate
2 Fuel  Biomass 
3 Boiler Operating Pressure  40 Bar(a) 
4 Capacity  25 Tons/Hr 
5 Super heater with Injection Cooler  1 Set 
6 Superheated steam outlet temp  280 Deg C
7 Expected Continuos Operating Hours/Year  8,500 Hrs
8 Feed Pump  2 X 100% 
9 Expected Thermal Efficiency Of Biomass Boiler  Above 85%
10 Water wall panel assesmbly, Economiser , furnace & steam drum 1 Lot 
11 Draft system ( ID FAN, PA FAN & SA Fan) 1 Lot 
12 MCC Panel Boiler Equipment control & Power Distribution Panle  1 Lot 
13 Safety valve  2 nos 
14 Drum Level Guage Glass  2 Nos 
15 Necessary Process control instruments. 1 Lot 
16 Necessary Valves  1 Lot 
17 Steam Flow Meter ( For Saturated and Superheated Steam ) 2 Nos 
18 Fuel Feeding system  1 Lot 
19 Electrostatic Precipitator  1 No 
20 Multicyclone Dust Collector  1 No 
21 Steam Soot Blowing System 1 Lot 
22 Refractory & Insulation  1 Lot 
23 All the required fuel storage and handling system 1 Lot 
24 Ash collection and Conveying system  1 Lot 
25 Deaerator with storage tank 1 Lot 
26 PLC based control panel with SCADA operating station 1 Lot 
27 Necessary support structure for Biomass Boiler  1 Lot 
28 Chimney, fluegas ducting and Steam Piping  1 Lot 
29 Necessary drain pipe and blowdown tank  1 Lot 
30 Water sampling system  1 Lot 
31 Startup Gas Burner (Natural Gas) 1 Lot 
32 Designed and Manufacturing Standard (Singapore MOM Approved 3rd party inspection to be done) ASME/BS Standard 
33 Stack Emission Standandard  Singapore NEA (Refer the attachment)
34 Fuel Specification  Refer the Attachment 
35 Warranty  24 Months From Commissioning Date
36 Motor / Variable Frequency Drive - Brand Preferrence  Siemen
37 Pump - Brand Preferrence  KSB/ Sulzer
38 PLC  - Brand Preferrence  Siemens 
39 Installation supervision and Commissioning  -
40  Frieght  CIF Singapore 
41 Documents to be submitted 
  All drawings and documents are to comply with Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) requirements with 3 original copies to be made available to the Buyer by the Seller according to the required formats:
i. P&I diagram;
ii. General arrangements;
iii. Pressure parts;
iv. E&I diagram; and
v. Foundation loading and details
vi. O& Manual
vii. Material & valve test certificates
viii. All the NDT test certificates (Per ASME & Singapore MOM Regulation)
ix. Supplier list.
x. Any other documents as requested by MOM Singapore.

Reasons for choosing ZBG 25 ton biomass boiler:

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: ZBG boiler manufacturer biomass boilers have a high combustion utilization rate, and the thermal efficiency of the boilers reaches 85-92%, which greatly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the combustion of fossil energy. A one-ton biomass boiler can reduce carbon dioxide during each heating period. The emission is 360 tons, and the emission of sulfur dioxide is reduced by 3-6 tons, and the environmental protection effect is remarkable.

2. Technically guaranteed: ZBG boiler manufacturer's biomass boiler effectively overcomes biomass fuel slagging and high chlorine corrosion, and ensures the combustion efficiency of biomass boilers.

3. Simple and convenient: ZBG boiler manufacturer's biomass boilers have high combustion efficiency, significant smoke and dust removal effects, and smoke and dust emissions meet national standards.

4. Thoughtful service: customer satisfaction is our responsibility, we pay attention to every installation, after-sales service and related details. ZBG boiler manufacturer has always adhered to the concept of high-quality service. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to give you meticulous and considerate service.

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