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Coal mine production 8 tons gas steam boiler WNS8-1.25-YQ configuration list

2023-07-17 08:47:31

 The 4 coal-fired boilers, auxiliary machines and auxiliary facilities in the former boiler room of this project are reported to be scrapped, dismantled, placed in designated locations and on-site cleaning. Install an 8-ton gas-fired steam condensing integrated boiler, the boiler model is WNS8-1.25-YQ, and the auxiliary equipment required in the boiler room: burner, electric control, pump, control cabinet, chimney, heat exchanger, steam distribution package, background monitoring system, etc.

8 ton gas-fired steam boiler configuration list / 8-ton gas fired steam boiler full range of supply

serial number name Reference specification model unit quantity Parameters and requirements
1 Boiler host WNS8-1.25-YQ tower 1 1. Condensation integrated design 2. Economizer and condenser are made of ND steel 3. Design thermal efficiency ≥ 98% 4. NOx<30mg/m3 5. SO2<10mg/m3 6. The primary valve is made of imported 304 stainless steel
2 low nitrogen burner   tower 1 Imported with original package, equipped with original silencer device NOx<30mg/m3 SO2<10mg/m3
3 Fully automatic computer control cabinet   set 1 The PLC can use imported components such as Siemens, AB, Schneider, GE, etc.; it is equipped with color touch screens from the above manufacturers; the main electrical components use well-known components such as Chint, Schneider, etc.; the frequency converter uses imported components such as ABB, Siemens, etc.; Equipped with 2 sets of not less than 1000kVA, online well-known brand UPS uninterrupted, all related systems realize remote monitoring function, video monitoring function, energy monitoring and analysis system, related monitoring programs and software are permanently free to use, and remote monitoring interface is reserved with monitoring System description, and free assistance for third-party access.
4 chimney, elbow, etc.   set 1 According to national standards and boiler room design and selection, not less than 10 meters
5 platform, ladder   set 1 According to national standards and design configuration
6 Sampler, drainer, etc.   set 1 304 stainless steel
7 A full set of valves, instruments, etc.   set 1 All kinds of inlet and outlet valves made of 304 stainless steel, check valve, two-color water level gauge, water level alarm, safety valve, sight glass, steam flowmeter, water supply flowmeter, gas meter (internal control), total gas electric valve and other measuring instruments
8 Combustible gas alarm   set 1 Each set includes 4 infrared sensors, 2 sound and light alarms, 2 sets of protection devices for closing gas valves, 2 sets of protection devices for cutting off power supply, explosion-proof, connecting shielded wires, imported
9 Condensate circulation pump   tower 2 One use and one standby, imported, 304 stainless steel
10 feed water pump   set 1 According to the needs of the boiler, combined with the on-site use, one is used and the other is prepared, 304 stainless steel horizontal multi-stage pump, high temperature resistance, frequency conversion control, frequency conversion motor, all use imported brands
11 Deaeration pump   set 1 According to the needs of the boiler, combined with the on-site use conditions, the 304 stainless steel horizontal pump, frequency conversion control, and frequency conversion motor are all imported brands.
12 Shell and tube heat exchanger   set 1 According to boiler and heating needs, pure copper shell and tube heat exchangers are used
13 Handheld Gas Leak Detector   tower 2 infrared sensor
14 Special tools and one-year vulnerable spare parts   set 1 Equipped with special tools for boiler installation and maintenance, each set of vulnerable parts for 1 year

8 Tons WNS Series Boiler for Russia

In September 8, 2017, 8 tons oil and gas fired boilers exported to Russia was shipped to Qingdao port. This project lines in St Petersburg and boiler with natural gas and diesel as fuel.

As we know, the selection requirements of production equipment are very high, ZBG oil and gas fired boiler adopts water-cooled wet-back and pass structure with butt weld, FRG flue gas recirculation technology, condensation prevention and control technical advantages, which make the Russian customers were satisfied and successfully signed one set of 8 tons WNS series steam boiler. In addition, based on the strict European boiler emission standard, ZBG has equipped imported Italy imported burners for customers.

Now, ZBG international market shares are increasing year by year, which is based on ZBG has access to quality, safety certification of various countries, such as ASME, DOSH, IBR certification and CU-TR Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan customs union authentication.

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