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What is the scope of supply of coal-fired power plant boilers

2023-09-18 09:46:12

 1. Boiler steel structure, guard plate, platform, escalator (stairs)

All steel furnace frames, rigid beams, secondary beams within the steel frame of the large platform on the boiler operation floor, high-strength bolts for installation and connection, column foot anchor bolts, bolt positioning frames, shear plates, anti-sway devices, water storage chambers, and sealing covers Maintenance platform for shell, furnace wall outer protective plate, body range platform, escalator (floor) ladder, safety valve, creep expansion measuring point, air preheater, starting material bin, soot blower, furnace top monorail crane, etc. Coal machine maintenance platform, burner maintenance platform, ash bucket and platform within the scope of the boiler body, auxiliary span steel frame steel beam, coal feeder, etc.

2. Steam drum and internal devices

Steam drum and its internal devices and accessories, steam drum suspension (fixation) and anti-sway device, etc.

3. Water wall system

All riser pipes (heating surfaces of water-cooled walls, etc.), downcomers, headers and pipes, sewage discharge, water discharge, lower headers, steam heating devices, valves, suspension devices and other water circulation system components and corresponding accessories, as well as water-cooled air chambers, water-cooled cloths Air plate, fluidizing nozzle.

4. Superheated steam system

Superheater tube bundles at all levels, headers, steam connecting pipes, drain and vent pipe valves and accessories, steam temperature adjustment devices, backwash devices, suspension (support) devices, etc. from the steam outlet pipe of the drum to the final superheater All accessories and related accessories of the superheated steam system ending at the first elbow (including the elbow) of the main steam pipeline after the outlet header (including the outlet electric door).

5. Economizer system

All components of the economizer system such as economizer pipe bundles at all levels, headers and connecting pipes, anti-wear and their fixing devices, recirculation pipes and valves, drainage, water discharge and gas bleed pipes and accessories, suspension (support) devices, etc. and related accessories.

6. Air preheater

Tubular air preheater body, soot blowing device, fire fighting and cleaning device, temperature measuring element. Flame alarm device. The inlet flue and the flue baffle door, the air inlet pipe is supplied to the inlet flange (including the flange) of the air preheater.

7. Cyclone separator

Cyclone separator body, return material sealing valve, return material sealing valve nozzle, cyclone separator inlet and outlet flue gas pipes, cyclone separator inlet expansion joint, cyclone separator lower end expansion joint, cyclone separator lower end return pipe, separator Electric lifting device.

8. Start the burner

Oil gun or air duct igniter (atomizer and air distributor), oil gun advance and retreat drive device, connecting metal hose, high-energy igniter, oil pipeline in front of furnace, regulating valve, solenoid valve, stop valve, filter screen, connection Components, fire detection and fire detection cooling air system and local control cabinet, etc.

9. Furnace wall and insulation

The furnace wall insulation and sealing structure are designed by the manufacturer, and all metal components (including the bottom of the combustion chamber, the surface of the water-cooled air distribution plate, the cyclone separator and the return material sealing valve), slag cooler, furnace wall insulation materials and wear-resistant materials are supplied And sealing materials (including furnace top sealing materials), the selection of manufacturers shall be confirmed by the owner.

10. Door holes

Various manholes, inspection holes (observation holes), reserved holes for lifting and maintenance platforms in the furnace, soot blowing holes, test holes, explosion-proof doors (if any) and other miscellaneous items.

11. Pipes, flue ducts and accessories within the scope of the boiler body.

superheated steam pipe

From the outlet of the boiler superheater header to the first elbow on the pipeline and the installation of safety valves, air exhaust valves, pressure and temperature measuring points, tee joints, pipe sockets and transition heads, pipe supports and hangers, etc.

water supply pipe

Including the pipes and valves of the desuperheating water system from the main water supply pipe to the economizer and superheater.

Soda Sampling Pipeline

Cooler and its piping, steam and boiler water inlet side valves.

Other soda pipes

All pipelines for water drainage, water discharge, sewage discharge, exhaust, emergency water discharge, superheater backwash, boiler shutdown protection, etc. within the scope of the boiler body are required to be led from the main pipe to the external interface, and the valves are supplied to the secondary door. Emergency water discharge and superheater backwash each provide 2 electric doors. Fixed row headers, accident sprinkler system for slag cooler.

smoke duct

Air preheater inlet and outlet flue, expansion joint. The outlet flue is supplied to 1 meter outside the last column of the boiler.

1. Secondary air circular air duct and hangers; air distribution bellows and hangers.

12. Boiler valve accessories

Safety valves and calibration tools for steam drums and superheaters, air-to-air exhaust valves and connecting seats connected to headers or pipelines.

Spray water temperature reduction regulating valve, stop valve, water supply console regulating valve, stop valve, check valve, emergency water discharge valve, continuous sewage discharge regulating valve, etc.

The flue gas baffle and the actuator on the flue gas side of the secondary air.

13. Ash and slag removal equipment

The ash hopper of the economizer (if any) and the ash hopper of the air preheater are both supplied to the outlet flange of the lower part of the ash hopper; the lower outlet of the furnace. When the fly ash in the economizer or preheater ash hopper is recovered, it should be supplied to the furnace return port.

14. Body instrument

Primary measuring instruments, components (temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.) and their accessories for some measuring points within the furnace body, including:

3 sets of double-chamber balancing vessels for drum water level measurement

Two sets of full-scale (two-color) water level gauges and two sets of electrical contact water level gauges.

15. Fire detection probe for ignition burner and fire detection cooling air system, including fire detection cooling fan, pipeline valve, local control box, etc.

16. Furnace leak detection device.

17. Other parts and components that should be supplied by the bidder as agreed upon in the agreement.

18. Spare parts

China shall provide spare parts for the unit including the following items. These spare parts should be able to meet the needs of replacement of wearing parts when the user's unit is started and debugged, operating spare parts before the first overhaul and spare parts necessary for the first overhaul.

Heating surface pipe spare parts

Straight pipes of various specifications used in the water wall, superheater and economizer are 40m each, equipped with suitable welding rods 40kg each, and a total of 20 pearlite and austenite dissimilar steel pipe welded pipes (600mm long) (if necessary), And mark the material with a steel seal.

A set of 10 oil gun atomizers and 2 sets of oil gun telescopic sleeve consumable parts.

Two-color water level gauge glass, gasket, round mica sheet, etc. 4 sets.

1 spare spring and valve core of the same specifications for various spring safety valves.

Imported valves should be equipped with wearing parts and key parts recommended by the manufacturer.

10 steam drum manhole door gaskets.

4 drain valves.

Special-shaped bricks 10% reserve.

Look at the fire door 2.

10% reserve for hood.

1 set of burner spare nozzles (under-bed ignition).

50 pairs of economizer wear plates.

Superheater elevators and comb cards: 50 pairs of each specification.

10 sets of oil gun tips.

1 spare solenoid valve for oil system.

10 soot blower nozzles, sonic soot blower spare parts (if any)

19. Special tools

1 pair of large bolt handles for steam drum suspension,

1 pair of special handles for steam drum manhole door bolts,

Liftable maintenance platform in the furnace

Safety valve hydraulic test compression tools and calibration tools.

Other special tools, standard tools and special instruments used for installation, debugging and production.

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