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75 Ton Circulating Fluidized Bed Power Generation Boiler

2023-08-31 08:23:39

 Tonghua City is located in the south of Jilin Province. It is the central city in the southeast of Jilin Province and an important regional central city in the eastern part of Northeast China. It enjoys the reputation of "China Medicine City", "China Wine City" and "China Steel City". Recently, a customer in this area consulted about a 75-ton circulating fluidized bed medium-temperature and medium-pressure power generation boiler.

circulating fluidized bed boiler

circulating fluidized bed boiler

The 75-ton circulating fluidized bed medium-temperature and medium-pressure power generation boiler generally refers to a circulating fluidized bed boiler with a rated evaporation of 75 steam tons, a rated steam pressure of 3.82 MPa, and a rated steam temperature of 450 °C. Generally, it can burn all kinds of coal, and at the same time, it can also burn biomass pellet fuel. It is a large-scale thermal energy equipment used in thermal power plants and industrial waste heat utilization power generation industries. The fluidized bed medium temperature and medium pressure power generation boiler produced by ZBG group has the following performance characteristics:

1. Technical parameters

Furnace type: ZG-75/3.82-M/T

Rated evaporation capacity: 75 steam tons

Rated steam pressure: 3.82MPa

Rated steam temperature: 450°C

Total weight: 400~600 tons

Combustion efficiency: 97% to 99%

Thermal efficiency: about 86% to 90%

Fuel: anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, lean coal, biomass pellets, biomass briquettes, direct combustion of biomass straw, rice husk, wood/block

Application scope: thermal power plant

2. Performance characteristics

1) Environmentally friendly products: the content of harmful gases such as S02 and NOx in the smoke exhaust can be reduced by about 80% to 90%, which can effectively reduce the pollution of the atmospheric environment caused by coal-fired power generation. ".

2) Patented technology: Adopting the latest scientific and technological achievements of Tsinghua University, it is listed as a major scientific and technological research project of the State Education Commission and the National Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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