What Are The Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boiler maintenance is a must if keep boiler high efficient at all times. Too often, repairs become necessary when the boiler malfunctions. Regular maintenance can help avert ceaseless repairs, maintenance will also boost the efficiency of your boiler and extend its life span. Below are some maintenance tips.

1.Blocked air vents hamper the boiler from working efficiently. This particularly applies to gas boilers. Dirt may accumulate in vents or flues and cause a blockage.

2.It is vital that you check the boiler water level. Should the boiler operate without water, this can easily damage it beyond repair.

3.Hard water usually gives rise to excessive lime-scale in the boiler. This prevents the boiler from working as it should. If left to accumulate, lime-scale will hamper the heating capacity of the boiler.

4.Regular lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of most mechanical systems. Your boiler will benefit from routine lubrication, as this will support its working capacity. Be sure to lubricate boiler parts that are frequently in motion such as the fan and pumps.

5.Dust easily accumulates in the boiler room because of the boiler operations. Check the boiler room regularly and clear any dust in sight. Pay particular attention to the boiler parts as dust accumulation will affect the system from working well.

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