Biomass Power Plant VS Other Power Plants

Biomass Power Plant

Biomass Power Plant

1. Abundant Resource:wide range of biomass resources from agricultural waste, forestry, etc.

2. Convenient:the only renewable energy that can be stored and transported; easy to process and use.

3. Low Emission:biomass combustion is carbon neutral, nearly zero CO2 emission and low SO2 emission.

4. Cost-Effective:biomass fuel is abundant and plants like sugar mill, paper plant can use the by-product biomass waste as fuel; governments supply subsidies for biomass power plants.

Other Power Plants

Other Power Plants

1. Thermal Power:Coal based thermal power is the most conventional source of electric power.

2. Hydro Power:large investment cost, has a higher requirement of geographical environment, and the water source cannot be guaranteed.

3. Nuclear Power:Nuclear leakage may causes nuclear radiation, and the equipment costs and other costs are much higher than the thermal power;

4. Wind Power:occupy a larger land area, wind speed is instability, wind energy conversion efficiency is low, high cost, equipment is immaturity, etc.

5. Natural Gas Power: higher cost and natural gas shortage

Power From Waste: Biomass Power Plant

Biomass power is poised to occupy a significant share in the global renewable energy and solid biomass is increasingly being used for electricity production, either in dedicated biomass power plants or co-fired in coal power plants to reduce CO2 emissions. US DOE pre-dicts that by 2025 biomass power generation will dominate among renewable energy sources.

Biomass Power Plant

PART 1 : WHY product power from biomass ?

power from biomass

Generating power through the use of biomass represents the cost-effective and cleanest way to provide renewable electricity in biomass potential regions with high levels of biomass resources and its processing activity. Furthermore, use of this resource helps become more energy independent and use of a locally derived fuel provides employment and direct economic benefit to local communities.

PART 2 :WHAT is the potential of power generation from biomass ?

  • America
  • China
  • Japen
  • Denmark
  • India
  • SSA

The capacity of biomass power generation installed in US has reached 1610 kilo-watts, ranking NO1 in the world. By 2020, the United States is estimated to have a maximum of 7.1 quadrillion Btu of biomass available at prices of $5 per million Btu or lower.


In recent years, biomass power is increasing every year. In 2015, the electricity generated by biomass resources is about 6700MW and it is expected to reach 19,800 MW in 2020.


Japan’s biomass power capacity grows as bioenergy plays major role in the global energy scenario. The target is to increase the share of Japan’s power supply from renewable energy sources to more than 20% by 2030.


Straw power and other renewable energy sources accounted for more than 24% of the total energy consumption in Denmark; only the agricultural and forestry waste power generation provides 5% of the country's electricity supply


The estimated power potential from surplus agro residues in the country is about 17,000 MW


Power generation potential of 15000 MW could generate 100 terawatt-hours (TWh), about 15% of current generation

What Can ZBG Do For Biomass Power Plant

Boiler is a device used to transform the biomass energy into electricity, and it is the core device of power equipment. ZBG’s biomass boiler has a heritage of more than 70 years, and our installed or under construction utility/power plant boilers are making up a bigger and bigger share worldwide.

Over 200






UP TO 540°C


Wood pellet
Rice husk
Bagasse Straw



PART 1 :Biomass power plant boilers

Product 1 : Biomass corner tube boiler

01corner tube, self-supporting structure, solving the boiler bulge and support problem.

02full welding membrane water cooling wall structure, good sealing and less heat losses.

03box-type leaving the factory, shorten installation period and strengthen the sealing property of the back-end flue gas dust.

04arrange flag type convection heating surface in front of high temperature superheater, making it long-term stable running under the bad circumstance caused by burning biomass fuel.

05cross-girder grate, with less running resistance, better grate cooling effect, lower breakdown rate and less fuel leakage.

06layer combustion + suspension combustion, higher efficiency


Product 2 : Biomass fired CFB boiler

01furnace, secondary-air: larger furnace available for biomass fuel fully combustion

02superheater: avoid high temperature superheater ash deposition, reduce the high temperature corrosion.

03heating surface and blower arranging: the superheater tube adopts high-temperature resistant material; reasonable arrangement to avoid

04low pressure operation, low flow speed of flue gas, low density of materials in the furnace, hardly abrasive heating surface, low frequency of maintenance

05annual operating time longer than 8000 hours

06biomass pellet could be burned in circulation, with high combustion efficiency of 97%-99% and heat efficiency can be 85%


Tips for choosing boiler for your power station

Boiler Capacity 10t/h 20t/h 35t/h 75t/h 130t/h
Power Generation 1.5MW 3MW 6MW 12MW 25MW
Want to find a boiler for your power station?

PART 2 :Analysis of Straw Fired Power Plant Boiler Project



Boiler : 2 sets of 75t/h straw fired CFB boilers

Equip : 2 sets of 12MW secondary high pressure double extraction steam condensing steam turbines

Total invesrment : $36 million

Annual running time : 6000 hours

Fuel : corn straw

  • Economic benefit
  • Social benefit
  • Environment benefit
Economic benefit

Economic benefit:
1- Electricity benefit. The plant can generate 144 million kW•h electricity with the value of nearly 13 million dollars every year.

2- CDM(Clean Development Mechanism) benefit. If the plant applies CDM project, it can acquire CDM benefit.

3- Total annual income of biomass power generation is 14.34 million dollars.

Economic benefit

Social benefit:
1- The project belongs to cogeneration, which can realize central heating and power generation at the same time, with a significant reduction in coal consumption. Each year, the biomass power plant burns 204,000 ton corn straws (equal to 102,000 ton coal fuels), alleviating energy shortage condition, also is favor for sustainable development of social economy; each year, it supplies 144 million kw electricity and 736,000 GJ heat, which can meet the heating requirement of residents living in a million square meters area.

2- What’s more, the power plant can boost the local economic development. Given the price of 1 ton straw was $30, it can bring farmers large incomes every year and crate work opportunity for them; the straw ash is a kind of good potash fertilizer, to use in farmers with great benefits as well.

Economic benefit

Environment benefit:
The biomass power plant project largely solves the heavy air pollution caused by straw burning, which reduces the greenhouse gas emission, improves rural living condition and increases farmers’ income. Compared with same-scale coal power plant, the SO2 generated by biomass power plant is decreased by 161.6t/a, and dust is decreased by 40.74t/a.

Cooperation Projects

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  • Establish since 1945, more than 70 years experience makes ZBG a leading industri-al boiler manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

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