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The Belt and Road News of ZBG
15Ton CFB Steam Boiler Installation Project of Mongolia
Thailand Business Delegation Visit to ZBG
Indian Client Visited ZBG For 20MW Coal Power Plant
One Belt, One Road: ZBG Takes the Opportunity "Going Out" and ...
Kazakhstan Petroleum Coke Calcining Waste Heat Boiler Project
The Belt and
Road Footprints of ZBG
Nowadays, ZBG products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as South Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, etc., and the international market shares are increasing year by year.
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10 Ton Natural Gas Boiler Thailand

One Thailand company purchased the SZS10-1.6-Q for its rubber tires processing from our company.

The boiler and its supporting system provided by ZBG are very good, and both the sales staff and the after-sales service personnel are very professional and ready to answer our questions.

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3 Ton Gas Fired Boiler Exported to Indonesia

According to the introduction of manager Kong from the ministry of foreign trade of ZBG, the Indonesia customer is a large enterprise focusing on the seafood products processing.

The gas fired boilers produced by ZBG have sufficient fuel combustion, high thermal efficiency, and fully automatic safe operation, which saves us a lot of operating costs.

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Korea 30 Ton Biomass Corner Tube Boiler

A synthetic leather supplier of South Korea, which is rather competitive on shoes, sports ball and other leather products, purchased one set of 30 TPH biomass corner tube boiler from ZBG.

The biomass boiler we purchased is fully burned and stable in operation. Thanks to the service of Zhengzhou Boiler. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

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2 Sets of Chain Grate Boilers in Inner Mongolia

Two sets of 25 tons chain grate steam boiler project was signed in 2016. After the installed by our engineers, two sets of industrial steam boilers were put into operation in 2017.

ZBG not only provided us with a steam boiler with ingenuity quality, but also provided comprehensive services.

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Two Sets Chain Grate Steam Boiler in Kazakhstan

On May 2, 2017, two sets of 6-ton coal fired boilers ordered by the Kazakhstan customers from our company were shipped in accordance with the date of delivery.

After a period of operation, the boiler we bought this time has been highly recognized for its safety, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection features.If there is a need to purchase the boiler next time,
we will still choose ZBG’s boiler.

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75 ton CFB steam boiler exported to Sri Lanka

In order to meet production needs, a large chemical company in Sri Lanka, ordered a 75t biomass fired circulating fluidized bed steam boiler from ZG through many times investigation.

From our request to the specific implementation plan, the ZBG’s staff worked diligently with our staff to ensure the smooth progress of our project.

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Tanzania Biomass Boiler for Feed Processing Industry

This production line was invested in Tanzania by Tanzania customers who finally chose ZBG’s solution after many comparisons and analyses.

The steam boiler provided by ZBG has a sufficient output, high quality, simple and convenient operation, which has brought great help to our feed processing. Moreover, the service of ZBG is very comprehensive
and we look forward to cooperating again with ZBG.

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2 Ton Chain Grate Steam Boiler In Zambia

A company of Zambia purchased one set of 2 tons chain grate boiler from our company in 2010.

The boiler purchased in ZBG has a high degree of intelligence, stable operation and high efficiency. We are very satisfied with the products.

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Vulcanization Tank Exported to Chile

A well-known tire company in Chile is a large-scale tire manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D and production. The customer signed a purchase contract of FGZCY1.0-2.5--7 vulcanization tank with ZBG for the rubber vulcanization process in the tire production in early 2018.

The products produced by ZBG did not disappoint us. We will continue to cooperate next time.

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10 ton Natural Gas Fired Boiler to Peru

A set of 10 ton SZS series gas fired steam boiler, strictly following ASME standard, is to sell to Lima, Peru. In Dec 2016, Peru clients and ZBG signed a sales contact of SZS 10 ton natural gas fired steam boiler.

SZS boiler has stable performance and good operation, which saves us a lot of cost.

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Two Sets of Gas Hot Water Boiler in Russia

The Russian customers purchased two sets of 1.4MW natural gas fired hot water heating boiler (WNS series) from our company, which can theoretically satisfy 40 thousand square heating.

The hot water boiler satisfies our need to heat the greenhouse, and there is a dedicated person responsible for the installation of the equipment, the service is very good.

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Vulcanization Tank Project in Ukraine

The Odessa Airport Port Factory in Ukraine signed a purchase contract with ZBG about the FJZCS1.25--28 vulcanization tank for the customer's rubber vulcanization process in early 2018.

The staff of ZBG is very responsible, so the boilers produced are also trustworthy.

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Hot Products
Advanced Technology

Engineers and technicians ZBG Technology Research and development center has more than 360 professional R & D team, 120 senior engineers with many years of R & D and design experience, a group of innovative talents who are capable and vigorous in process equipment and control engineering.

Reliable boiler expert ZBG has obtained the A-class Boiler Design and Manufacture License(the highest level license awarded by AQSIQ in China), A1 and A2 Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacturing Licenses.

Manufacturing strength 330,000 square meters
300 sets of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment 
3 heavy-duty modernized manufacturing and assembly workshops.

Excellent Service

Project investment analysis ZBG provides detailed analysis of investment returns for customers, exhibiting in detail expenditure of each item, offering optimum investment advice and accurately evaluating earnings from a production line.

Spare parts evaluation Providing accurate assessment of spare parts consumption to ensure continual operation of your production line so as to prevent loss.

Installation training We not only send engineers to the customer site for guidance, installation, commissioning, trial operation and formal operation, but also train boiler operators to ensure stable and safe operation of boilers.

Regular return visits Regular visits and phone calls are used to understand customers' use of products, listen to customers' opinions, and provide timely services for customers with quality problems.

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