ZBG products are not only widespread across the country, but also exported to more than sixty countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc., and the international market shares are increasing year by year. Internationalization has become an important strategic direction for the future development of ZBG. In recent years, ZBG has attracted the visits of many foreign investors and dealers, which lays a good foundation for its better achieving “going out” and “bring in”.


  • Pakistan customer

    Pakistan customer

  • Russian customer

    Russian customer

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    Malaysia customer

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    Korean customer

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ZBG has more than 200 various types of manufacturing equipment, and the boiler in an output range from 1-ton to 410-ton per hour are available for a wide range of applications. Product dimensions and equipment levels are tailored to the customer's individual needs, and a wide range of options and variants are available. The result: maximum energy efficiency, excellent conservation of resources and outstanding availability.


  • ZBG in Bangladesh

    WNS series boilers produced by ZBG are fast assembly boilers and have very shot installation period , our customer said that only need seven days to complete the boiler installation base on the ready infrastructure.

  • Two Sets of Gas Steam Boilers for Textile Industry

  • 230 Tons Biomass Corner Tube Boiler

  • ZBG in Korea

    Biomass fuels are directly used as boiler fuels, widely available and have a large number of industrial, agricultural and forest waste outputs each year. Biomass is low in sulfur and nitrogen content , low NOx and SO2 content after burning, the real green clean, the real green clean, small ash and low smoke content. The biomass boiler has been favored by many customers.

  • ZBG in Vietnam

    The Vietnam company purchased the 50 ton boiler for power generation by utilizing the flue gas waste heat of its carbon rotary kiln, reduced the CO2 emission and improved the economic benefits.

  • 50 Ton Waste Heat Boiler for Power Plant

  • 20 Ton Chain Grate Coal Fired Boiler

  • ZBG in Mongolia

    there were three sets of 20 ton chain grate type coal fired steam boilers exported and installed in Mongolia for central heating. From the feedback from our client, the boiler is still operating well.

  • ZBG in Pakistan

    A set of 130 ton coal fired circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler manufactured by ZG Boiler was installed in a thermal power plant in Pakistan. The coal resources in Pakistan is about 185 billion tons, enterprises usually choose coal as fuel in their production.

  • 130t CFB Power Station Boiler



Support for Various Industries

We provide support for many industries, including food industry, chemical plant, power plant, regional heating, brewery industry, paper mill, building material, pharmaceutical plant, etc. Whether it is used to generate electricity or central heating and so on, ZBG will provide power support for you.

Environmental Benefits

With “environmental protection boiler + environmental protection boiler auxiliary + boiler green application process + perfect installation after-sales service ", ZBG was the first to work in the way of " Strengthening environmental protection effect ".

Social Benefit

Advanced design, a variety of furnace, according to the user to customize the different specifications. Low wear and tear, high availability, energy-saving effect is obvious, bring objective economic benefits for customers .



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